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Apr. 2nd, 2011 12:20 am
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I follow a ridiculous number of tv series, so much so that I sometimes forget about one or other. Some series I follow religiously watching an episode as soon as its out, some I download but then leave them until I have more free time to catch up with them. And then there are series that have already finished or have been going on for a few seasons, which I suddenly discover. The whole post was prompted by the start of the 'summer' season, as April is going to see several new series' premiers, and is an attempt to sort them out in my brain a little. One should be organized with one's procrastination. XD

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Small pieces of Stargate fic, written for various prompts.

3 Mary Sue prompts from[personal profile] leupagus:

1. Teyla gets her driver's license and buys a car. Driving in Northern California with her is probably the scariest thing John can do on Earth.

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2. The first time Cadman blew something up.

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3. How about the all-girl team, and you can have an OC replace the (agreed, very awesome) lady who died? They play the other SGA gate teams in the annual basketball competition; maybe they don't win, but they sure as hell beat SGA-1

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2 fics for promts from the [info]sg1_five_things  

Five things Teyla held on to as keepsakes when she went to live back on Athos during the Return.
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Five advanced cultures which never got the chance to share their technology with the Tau'ri.

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Watched the latest Good Wife episode. Gonna avoid the spoilers and just say THANK YOU WRITERS FOR GIVING US THIS ENDING. I mean the reason behind jury's verdict. 

Also. NCIS: LA latest episode: X-OVER plot bunny time, because my brain was looking at the baddie and going BAAL'S CLONE! XD

And on a related note. Though SGU is cancelled TPTB are saying that the whole franchise is not necessarily dead. So I was thinking about I'd love to see in case miraculously there would be another Stargate series. I would definitely want them to go back to the old format, because no matter how deep dramatic and different SGU was, it wasn't Stargate to me. It didn't have what i loved about the Stargate: The team. The adventure. The ability to be lighter despite the whole crap that happened etc. 

I'd love another team-centered series but with foreigners. Ideally SGC-based foreign team (since they had those, so it's canon), and not one county-nationality but a mixture. I wouldn't even mind if it was led by an American, but the rest should be as different as possible say a Russian, a Japanese and an Italian or Chinese, Indian and French. Also, there should be a laison character somebody who laises between Landry and all the foreigner-staffed teams in case there are problems/issues. Also even if there can't be cameos by the original casts there at least should be continuity in terms of mentioning of what the old SG 1 members and Atlantis members are up to/ their reactions to what is going on etc. And though I'd want the team to be heroic I don't necessarily want them to be THE HEROES i.e. yeah they get to be instrumental in saving the world but not in the way SG 1 was, sorta like Mitchell.

So yeah. I'm sad.

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OMFG, Michael Shanks playing the commander of a Strike Force unit in the Good Guys. OMFG! The Awesome is making me squee like the mad geek I am. :333

UPD: And he's looking gooooooooooood! That ass! *drool*

UPD 2: And just generally.... THIS


Sep. 12th, 2010 03:04 pm
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Now that Merlin's new season started (and can I just say, OMG! ), it is time for me to round up all the new seasons' start dates (at least for the series I watch). :D

17/09/10 - QI
20/09/10 - Castle
20/09/10 - Chuck
20/09/10 - House
21/09/10 - NCIS: LA
21/09/10 - NCIS
22/09/10 - Criminal Minds
2309/10 - The Big Bang Theory
23/09/10 - Bones
23/09/10 - CSI
23/09/10 - Mentalist
24/09/10 - Supernatural
24/09/10 - CSI: NY
24/09/10 - Good Guys
28/09/10 - Stargate Universe
01/10/10 - Human Target
10/11/10 - Psych

UPDATE: Also new series I'd like to try:

15/09 - Outlaw
20/09 - Chase
20/09 - Hawaii Five-O
20/09 - The Event
22/09 - The Defenders
22/09 - Undercovers


May. 27th, 2009 09:13 pm
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Archie Goodwin is just so much fun! That's what he says in the 'Red Box':

'Fundamentally I am a direct type, and that's why I can never be a really fine detective. Although I keep it down as much as I can, so it won't interfere with my work, I always have an inclination in a case of murder to march up to all the possible suspects, one after another, and look them in the eye and ask them, 'Did you put that poison in the aspirin bottle?' and just keep that up until one of them  says, 'Yes'. As I say, I keep it down but have to fight it.

Isn't he cute? :D

The Fic Wish List meme from [personal profile] latin_cat 

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May. 26th, 2009 09:51 pm
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Now, that I've (finally) got space for lots of pretty icons I actually thought about how many fandoms I have. And... WOW. x _ x And I've decided to write them all down. You can have a look under the cut. They are divided by medium (book, tv series, movie) and in those cases where the fandom spans more than one, I've put their names under the medium heading that 'started it all'!  (And I shan't even mention Russian language fandoms, well except one, which is available in English XD).

I'm sure I've missed some. *sigh*
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UPD: I just realised I have three Agatha Christie's Poirot DVDs in duplicate. They are: 'Mysterious Affair at Styles', The Kidnapped Prime Minister/The Adventure of the Western Star', 'The Plymouth Express/Wasp's Nest' .  If any of you lovely people on my f-list want them, drop me a line, I can send them to you by post.

And the prize DVDs go to [personal profile] latin_cat 


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