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Title: Broken Lines, Irregular Formations
Rating: NC-17 for sex, violence and language
Pairing: Torrington/Hunter, mention of others
Disclaimer: The characters belong to their respective creators.
Warning: Modern Military (sort of) AU

Link to fic on AO3
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Title: Five StC AUs I Am Not Writing
Rating: PG-13 for some language and a bit of violence
Pairing: primarily Torrington/Hunter, mention of Wellington/Sharpe.
Disclaimer: The characters and the universes belong to their respective creators.

Link to the story at AO3

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God, I'm writing this fic for a prompt on anonymous meme, and I can't believe it, but it's almost 5000 words long and the rate at which I'm writing is not slowing down at all. I haven't written anything so long for a long while: all the longer pieces (well, fics that I know gonna turn out to be long due to plot) get pretty much abandoned by me, I write a bit now and then, but there is no sustained effort. This though, it's like it's pouring out and I got no idea why, it doesn't even have a slash pairing yet and quite likely won't at all. It's just something in the premise and the characters themselves and I'm just so excited about it! I love it, though it leads me to asking innocent people questions like: "Should Cameron sleep with Clegg or Osborne?"

Damn you, lolitics. XD
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Kill me with prejudice. I wrote a Clameron fic. x___x
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Title: The Times of Welsh Dragons, Beethoven and Jailbirds.
Pairing: Mick/Prophet
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine

The times of Welsh Dragons, Beethoven and Jailbirds.

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Small pieces of Stargate fic, written for various prompts.

3 Mary Sue prompts from[personal profile] leupagus:

1. Teyla gets her driver's license and buys a car. Driving in Northern California with her is probably the scariest thing John can do on Earth.

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2. The first time Cadman blew something up.

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3. How about the all-girl team, and you can have an OC replace the (agreed, very awesome) lady who died? They play the other SGA gate teams in the annual basketball competition; maybe they don't win, but they sure as hell beat SGA-1

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2 fics for promts from the [info]sg1_five_things  

Five things Teyla held on to as keepsakes when she went to live back on Athos during the Return.
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Five advanced cultures which never got the chance to share their technology with the Tau'ri.

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There be awesomeness on Internets. [info]leupagus  tells us why Mary Sue fic can be awesome and starts off a promptfest. Go read the reasons and possibly participate. :D Also, this promptfest has got me writing like I haven't for a long while (YES GUYS I REMEMBER YOUR REQUESTS, my brain's just having a huge constipation issue) and I would like to say that should anyone want to request a Mary Sue/Marty Sue existing or OC character fic for following fandoms, go ahead. :D

Hawaii 50
Stargate SG1 and SGA
Star Trek reboot
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Inspiration is good. Especially, when I've promised two fics (yes, I remember guys, I'm working on it!), accepted a prompt and, horror/stress/scream, signed up for the perfect_duet Christmas Calendar. But the thing is, when there is too much inspiration, I just can't channel it into one particular story, I can't concentrate! And now, courtesy of Hawaii 5-0, I have a new fandom, whose plot bunnies are humping my brain like it's Jessica Rabbit and because of [personal profile] sarlania 's post I now want to reread some Insperctor Alleyn book and write a slashy fic about him. >.< Damn you, [personal profile] sarlania . (Just kidding ;D )

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I haven't written anything for few months but I do want to get back into it, so to help me do just that I am going to write whatever you guys request. (Provided it's a fandom or characters I know, of course ). Please indicate the following if you are going to make a request:
- slash/gen/het
- rating 
- pairing/characters
- a prompt phrase or word

The fics aren't going to be long and I can't promise anything of outstanding quality but I'll do my best. :)


Jan. 27th, 2010 11:53 am
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Title: "A Guide to Surviving in Restaurant Business" 1/?
Rating: erm, PG-13 (some swear words)
Pairing: Sharpe/Wellington pre-slash
Genre: AU!! XD Really AU!
A/N: I am crazy. Yes, I am. XD


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Title: "Trade Union"
Rating: PG-13 for suggestiveness.
Pairing: Sharpe/Wellington
A/N: The fic is not to be taken seriously. Clearly, the characters in it did not actually behave like that, though God knows... XD

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Dec. 6th, 2009 11:57 pm
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Title: "Christmas Ball"
Author: le_russe_satan
Main Characters or Pairing: Sharpe/Wellington, Hogan and a surprise guest, who some of you may recognise and who is terribly OOC, I'm sure. ((
Rating/Type: PG, maybe PG-13
Summary: A Christmas Ball in Lisbon
Disclaimer: Sharpe, Hogan and other characters don't belong to me, I'm just playing with them.
A/N: Written for [ profile] aninfamousarmy Christmas challenge, is therefore schmoopy and way too romantic.

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Ohoho, that was an awesome day! After attending to certain matters, I met up with a friend for coffee, then as he left for work, I met up with another friend and we scouted the new mall that opened in Aberdeen over the weekend. :D They have Paperchase and Nando's! :D As we were leaving to go to the beach to watch the fireworks we met another mutual friend and so went there altogether. And then we decided on the spur of the moment to go to my favourite French restaurant, where we had amazing wine and snails and duck and absolutely gorgeous tarte tatin. *sighs, is content and warm and happy*

Oh, and I actually remembered I have written a Sharpe/Welly fic recently. It is somewhat cracky, but I had fun. :3

Title: "Drunk"
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Sharpe/Wellington.


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For the drabble meme [personal profile] latin_cat requested Wellington/Hunter, 'secrets'. Here it is. No stoning. XD


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From [profile] teh_elb

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of ANY pairing/character of their choosing (of ANY fandom) from me (with a prompt, if it pleases you to give me one). In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level (I won't hold you to this, but it would be awesome if you did).

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Title: 'Briefing'
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Sharpe/Wellington
A/N: For [personal profile] latin_cat , who I hope enjoys it. :)


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I don't remember much of my dream today, but I know I was one of four spies, who were all related. I remember being at a ball, and I am pretty sure I was a man. I also remember strawberry fields and Wellington. O_o

Also, since last night I keep wanting to find a plotbunny for a Sharpe/Wellington fic that would start: "It was embarrasing. Really embarrasing." XD
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I read the coolest slash interpretation of the Russian fairytale Firebird by Three Score and Ten at FictionPress and now I really really wanna do something similar. Damn, I have no originality in me. XD
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Anubis/Horus? Slash based on Russian fairytales? Life has never been quite so good to me. ^_^
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My most recently acquired kink is Castlereagh wearing this and Welly wearing nothing but his peer's robes. :D


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