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- Back from spending a few days near Leeds. 6 hour train journeys are not very fun at all. :(

-  Prompted by [personal profile] latin_cat's post on Bolitho series, I got back into reading them and am up to Passage to Mutiny now, I believe. And yet, Patrick O'Brian will always be THE naval author for me. Which is not safe, since my pumpkin's favourite naval author is in fact Kent and bickering on the topic of Aubrey vs. Bolitho is now a normal occurence. >.>

Hawaii Five-O (2010): MAJOR SLASH POSSIBILITIES me thinks. :D

P.S.: As of last Thursday (23rd) I am officially engaged! O__O 

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Right, it's official. Captain Rennie and Lt. James Hayter are my favourite naval "couple" after Aubrey and Maturin. Probably my favourite historic novel "couple" after them. *Flails* The scene! The conversation! N'aaaw.  From "The Hawk" (Peter Smalley)

'I shall proceed alone. There is no need of anyone else. I am quite alone in this endeavour, and alone I mean to bring it to conclusion.'
'Well well, I will say nothing more, except -'
'Nay, do not say it, if you please. My mind is made up.'
'I was only going to say -'
'Sir, I beg you, do not.'
'-going to say -'
'No! No!'
'-that I am still your man.'
'I am still your man.'
'You would risk everything - your whole career - to stand with me in this?'
'I gave you my word, James.'

This exchange took place in the garden at Tattham Grange, beneath a spreading tree, the sunlit lawn and flowering shrubs a scent-drifting backdrop. James and Rennie sat in the shade, James with a rug over his knees - in spite of the balmy warmth of the air - and Rennie with his face turned into a patch of sun. James was yet a little pale from his sojourn at Haslar, and a little thin. A bumble-bee wove betweem them, and swerved away on its meandering flight. A long moment, then James, quietly:
'You know that I would never hold you to such a promise, when everything has altered since it was made.'
'I do not alter, my dear friend.'
 James saw the garden as a blur for a moment, and felt his throat constrict. He brought his kerchief from his pocket and blew his nose. Then, clearing his throat: 'The air is cool, do you not find. I have a slight chill.'
'It is cool, a little.' Knowing it was not.

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From 'The Elements of Murder: A history of poison' , by Emsley.

"The Royal Navy 74-gun man-of-war HMS Triumph arrived at Cadiz in February 1810. A month later a Spanish vessel laden with mercury and destined for the mines of South American was driven ashore nearby in a gale. The Triumph sent its long boat to her assistance even though the wreck was in range of the guns of a fort held by the French, the at war with Britain. The ship was a write-off but its cargo was worth salvaging. The sailors from the Triumph were ables 130 tonnes of mercurty from the wreck by working secretly at night. The mercury was taken back to Cadiz and stowed in various parts of the Triumph and aboard a smaller ship, the sloop Phipps.
 To begin with, the mercury was placed in the hold where the crew's spirit rations were kept, but there was so much of it that soon the bags were being stowed in sleeping quarters as well, such as those of the petty officers, pursers, and surgeons, all of whom became badly affected. They found their tongues swelling and their mouths were salivating to an alarming degree. The salvaged mercury had been held in leather bags in wooden box, but it was only the bags that were salvaged. Many of these now split and spilled their contents...

By 10 April 1810 around 200 men on board the Triumph were suffering from mercury poisoning which caused excess salivation in some, while others were semi-paralysed and many suffered 'bowel complaints'.
 The sick were taken to other ships where they soon recovered, while the Triumph itself was sent to Gibraltar to be decontaminated. Not that this was effective because a new crew also started to suffer in the same way. The ship was despatched back to England on 13 June and then things did begin to improve somewhat, thanks to the movement of the vessel and the ventilating of the lower decks. Even so, 44 sailors and marines had to be transferred to other ships in the fleet and they had recovered by the time they reached Plymouth on 5 July. All the sheep, pigs, goats, and poultry on the Triumph died, as did the ships cat, a dog, the mice and rats - and a canary. Five men eventually died, two of gangrene of the cheeks and tongue. A woman passenger, who had a fractured leg and was confined to bed during the voyage, lost all her teeth and the sking on the inside of the mouth all peeled away. Doctor Burnett prescribed sulphur for those who were sick but reported that taking this did not relieve their symptoms. The only effective remedy was to be removed from the ship. He also carried 7940 pounds of ships biscuit: it was all condemned as unfit to eat, and some was even found to contain globules of metallic mercury."

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Since tonight my mind was on the Aubreyad, I suddenly remembered how I got sucked it into it.

So, 2003, winter, Russia, St.- Petersburg. I and eight other people who participated in a Russian slashfiction forum decide to meet up. After some food someone suggests a movie. Since we did not want to wait around, we bought tickets for the first available one.

Yes, that movie was 'Master and Commander'. In Russian. I fell in love. The moment the holidays were over and I went back to UK I stocked up on the books and went on a binge (and let me tell you for a non-native English speaker getting accustomed to all the naval terms was kind of harsh). I also made numerous vids, but only 2 survive to date.

Of course being a slasher and in a group of slashers caused quite a few hilarious comments to be uttered during the course of that fateful movie watching. The one I do remember happened when Jack has Hollom in his cabin and is telling him off. As some will remember Jack is not wearing a jacket and moves closer and closer to Hollom during the conversation. So one of my friends rather suddenly and loudly hisses:
'Oh, would you kiss him already?!'

That was so unexpected that we all dissolved into giggles and were afraid they'd kick us out of the cinema. XD
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I found these gathering dust...

First one x-posted to [community profile] perfect_duetSecond one is pure mischief. XD

1. 'Say what you want.'

2. Tango.

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So, I should totally stop baking pies at midnight and then eating the whole thing while engaging in nightly reading. x _ x I can't help it though... I love apple pie. *sigh*

Well, after finishing another book by P.D. James I decided to amuse myself by re-reading the 'Nutmeg of Consolation' by Patrick O'Brian, and I do believe my neighbours hate me now, because even though I tried to smother my laughter against a pillow, I still did live up to my nickname of Laughing Hyena (and this was at about 4-5 am). XD *erects hyena totem pole at the front door*

Here are a few quotes that led to this depraved behaviour.

Cut for length and possible spoilers (well, not really). )


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