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I had a rather odd, well more surprising than odd, experience the other day. I went to see a play a friend recommended, and later, discussing it, I talked about how the rape scene was so painful to watch, I closed my eyes. My friend went: "Rape? No, it was just rough sex." And I know that people interpret narrative differently and I know that in real life people don't act like in porn movies, but jesus there should be some obvious consent and the characteк shouldn't be acting fucking broken after the sex if it was only rough sex. I dunno, maybe because the sex involved two guys she couldn't see it was rape, maybe I am wrong, but I really don't think so.

Bitchy quote of the month. At a russian thing in London, I happened to be chatting with a guy anв girl, and the girl in a somewhat fluttery way was telling the guy that she's interested in psychology. So the guy asked her if she knew what Stockholm Syndrome is. To which I replied:

'It's what I'm developing now.'

And in final odd news. I had an erotic dream about Jeremy Paxman of all people! I couldn't even go: 'Yuck, what the hell is wrong with me?!' and banish it from memory immediately, because it was really really FREAKING HOT. Why couldn't I have dreamed about Tony Stark instead? Jeremy Paxman... What the hell is wrong with me?
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 After doing some fencing in the garden, while counting up injuries:

Me: "A cut on my leg, and I'm pretty sure the base of my thumb is swelling."
Husband, just returned from toilet: "you cut me in an intimate area!"
Me: "I win then?"

Later on, discussing next weekend:
Me: "I wanna see the new Iron man!"
Husband: "I haven't seen any of them."
Me, spluttering: "Why did I marry you?!"

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Comedy by Marie Phillips and Robert Hudson. Napoleon and Wellington's horses exchange love letters against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars

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 So recently, I sent off an application for an Assistant Librarian position at the University of Oxford. The closing day is tomorrow. So let's see if I'll hear anything besides a refusal. Frankly, though, I am not going to mind a refusal all that much, since I have bit the bullet and filled in an application for the Blue Badge Guide course (it's in the envelope, must remember to post it tomorrow). 

I really want to get into this course, but there is a pre-entry exam on general knowledge for all the applicants and while I may be able to tell them the name of Wellington's favourite steed and probably not even fuck up the spelling of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am shit with British architects (I know like three names that everyone does) and composers...

STUDY TIME. What is my life?


Nov. 4th, 2012 11:22 am
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 Yesterday I went to Oxford for lunch and somehow now possess a Waterloo Chess Set. :D

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 Today, for the first time in seven years I drove a car for almost four hours (with two substantial breaks). This was occasioned  by the fact that I now actually have a car, which we picked up this morning from the dealer's. I was rather terrified throughout, but I am booked for a couple of sessions with an instructor this week (and more the week after, I am sure), so here is hoping for some actual patient instruction, rather than us having a shouting match as I freak out over the concept of roundabouts. XD


Sep. 20th, 2012 01:38 pm
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 I was just watching the s07e12 of the BBC Pointless tv show (don't ask). For those who don't know it, in this show the object is to score the least number of points by giving a correct and hopefully obscure answer. The first category was English football team captains and the clubs they played for and the players did pretty well on them, girls too. The next category was Famous Russians. Ok. I am not saying every British person should know Kandinsky or Kapitsa (whom I struggled to remember) but failing to answer Lenin to the question of "Who masterminded the October revolution" is kind of... I don't know. Where do they find these people? Cause frankly I've not met a British person yet who didn't know Lenin, well, if we happened to touch on this subject. O_o

P.S.: Tolstoy was given as answer to the "Mad Monk" question. XD
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 Tonight we are off to the Battle Prom Concert at Blenheim Palace, but for now I am blissfully alone, having packed off mom and husband to go on a trip to Warwick Castle. I can hear myself think suddenly! :D

I now have a bike. Mothers. O_o And I also booked tickets for the Long Day's Journey into the Night with David Suchet and Sunshine Boys with Danny DeVito. :DDDDD
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 Today I went to London to submit my husband's documents for a Russian visa. I thought I'd avoid bureaucratic brain rape, but while it was a mild case (a sort of intercrural brain rape), I didn't and ended up spending almost two hours at the visa centre. But! It ended up being a Good Thing, since a girl asked me a question about a spousal visa application and we got chatting and... It turned out she's not only Russian but comes from the same city, she's only a few years older than me and he husband's slightly older than mine (we both have antique husbands <3 ) and she lives about 40 mins from us. :D We chatted very happily, went for coffee afterwards and exchanged phone numbers. :D And then I went for book/food therapy. 

And I dunno what is it about me, but why do I always get stopped and asked for directions/help so often? Today it was four times. Yes, I counted. XD 


Jul. 1st, 2012 11:10 pm
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 Best thing about geeky things is sharing them and having friends who share your geeky interests. But I feel especially lucky that my parents also share some geeky interests of mine, or maybe I share their geekiness. Most of our shared geekiness usually concerns books or specific authors, but my dad is great for discussing Napoleonic stuff and weaponry with, and my mom can go on mile-long monologues about detective stories of Agatha Christie/Ngaio Marsh/Dick Francis/Nero Wolfe. It is an AMAZING feeling. 

Napoleonic stuff is especially good, as I've found out recently, to get most of my dad's side family members going though. XD 
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Today I discovered something amazing, well it is actually pretty bad, but the kind of bad, that it is good. Apparently this January a movie came out about 1812 invasion of Russia, except it is a huge absurd comedy...anyhow, without getting bogged down in the plot, I cut out a short vid of Napoleon and his Marshals, which proves that director knew what breeches are for. ;D 

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Finally went to the doctor's today. Finally here is my own failing. XD Last Sunday I woke up and realised that when I put weight on my left hand it goes OUCH. At first I thought it was a sprain, but the pain got worse so today I called up my insurance company and they arranged a doctor's appointment within two hours. Turns out I got tendonitis, which I kinda figured. The doctor was nice though slightly weirded out as to how the hell did I even get tendonitis. XD Anyways, I am to take antiinflammtories till Friday and if not much better I might have to do a little physio. I actually met their physiotherapist today briefly (the GP took me to his office so that he could bandage my hand for me) and for some weird reason I thought him incredibly adorable. :3 :3 :3 Now though, because of the bandage being so stiff, I can't actually do a lot of things, so poor husband will have to cook his own dinner. Ho. Ho. Ho.

In other news:

- Christmas shopping. Barely started, planning to hit Manchester city centre on Wednesday. :D
- Husband's work Christmas do on Saturday. *sigh* Our Saturday idea of fun is pigging out in restaurant and book shopping. >.<
- FINALLY got an idea for perfect_duet advent thing. Hope it pans out. O_O
- The Ladykillers play was amazing!!!
- Lion in Winter - decent. Lovely Robert Lindsay and Joanna Lumley. Also - good for slashers. XD
- Mainlined "Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister". Adorbs. :3 :3

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God, I'm writing this fic for a prompt on anonymous meme, and I can't believe it, but it's almost 5000 words long and the rate at which I'm writing is not slowing down at all. I haven't written anything so long for a long while: all the longer pieces (well, fics that I know gonna turn out to be long due to plot) get pretty much abandoned by me, I write a bit now and then, but there is no sustained effort. This though, it's like it's pouring out and I got no idea why, it doesn't even have a slash pairing yet and quite likely won't at all. It's just something in the premise and the characters themselves and I'm just so excited about it! I love it, though it leads me to asking innocent people questions like: "Should Cameron sleep with Clegg or Osborne?"

Damn you, lolitics. XD


Jun. 7th, 2011 04:48 pm
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I know why I don't ever bother tuning the channels on my tv set and getting a tv license for my flat. Because doing that would make me actually watch tv, which I don't. Because I'm a news junkie. I am at home now, in St-Petersburg, and I've had one or the other news channel on as a constant background since morning. I am scared to think what will happen when Andy and I finally move in together after the wedding since he has Sky and everything and I can watch BBC and RT all day long. >.<

Also, in terms of TV, I'm not even going to mention series.


I have plenty of books that I haven't read yet, still what is it with my need to constantly check out reviews and new releases and go on hunts for books on a particular subject?


Mostly in Russian, because it's just so expressive. XD

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Kill me with prejudice. I wrote a Clameron fic. x___x
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So apparently Andy's (my fiance) ex-wife has started being bitter/jealous in earnest. It was nothing at first, just some snide comments about age difference, money etc. But the business of bridesmaids is clearly the big guns being rolled out.

She is saying that their daughters are horrified at not being asked to be bridesmaids, apparently I should be asking them if I want to be a part of Andy's family and etc. etc.  Andy said that he will talk to his daughters to see whether they are indeed upset, but even he is telling me that bridesmaids = bride's friends and his daughters aren't my friends and wtf. The whole situation smacks of his ex trying to use kids as weapons against Andy.

I have three points to make.

First, Andy's family is not made up of only his daughters and, from what I've seen, is highly sensible and is unlikely to hate me because, - Oh Dear God, - I want my friends to stand by my side at the wedding.

Second, while Andy's daughters are important to him and I do want to have a good relationship with them, I am really not that bothered. They will either like me or not. They will either be mature enough not penalise their dad for getting remarried or they won't be. I can't do anything except be friendly with them.

Thirdly, the whole thing is just extremely amusing to me for now. Once it stops being amusing... Well, angry Russians are not fun. Not fun at all.

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Organising a wedding is an insane hassle. >.< Surprisingly enough choosing the reception venue and the church was easy enough as well getting settled on date (17th July, provided we pay the deposit for the venue and get a common lisence for me to be wedden in church). But it's the smaller things that are starting to explode my brain: do we travel in a vintage car or a carriage, what will the ushers wear, colour-coding the groom's party with the bridesmaids, flowers, photographer, choosing hymns, language of the vows, music for the first dance....

Kill. Me. Now.

Book List

12. "Tourist Season", Carl Hiassen
13. "A Case of Need", Michael Crichton
14. "Practical Demonkeeping", Christopher Moore
15. "Leave it to Psmith", P.G. Wodehouse
16. "Frequent Hearses", Edmund Crispin
17. "The Eyre Affair", Jasper Fforde
18. "Big Over Easy", Jasper Fforde
19. "Past Reason Hated", Peter Robinson
20. "Disco for the Departed", Colin Cotterill
21. "Sir Apropos of Nothing", Peter David

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8. “Gardens of the Moon”, Steven Erickson
9. “Thirty-three teeth”, Colin Cotteril
10. “Boffinology”, Justin Pollard
11. “The Warrior's Apprentice”, Lois McMaster Bujold

Have not been to read much, brain just unable to concentrate for prolonged periods of time. Have been watching lots of series though. The West Wing continues to be awesome, I have also discovered Studio 60 on Sunset Strip. God, such a pity it only has one season, I am up to episode 7 and it's sooo much fun. XD My dad's hooked on the Big Bang Theory and keeps quoting it. it's a bit disturbing.

More fun at swords training. Scene: Me (M) poking through the sword instrustor's bag, said instructor (I), trying to pack it:

M: Why do you have so much twine?
I: I'm into really small bondage.
M: o_o
I: *thoughtfully* fleas...
M: =__=;;

Me and the same Instructor:

M: Did you know that your brain is a non-Newtonian liquid?
I: Huh?
M: Well, you suffer from a severe case of sperm brain and sperm is a non-Newtonian liquid, therefore....
I: O_O;;


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