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Married life is ... married. We are getting accustomed to living with each other properly (judging by the fact that Andy's recognises the manic smile I get after I've been indulging in quality slash, we are succeeding. XD )

Despite my unemployed status, life's quite busy what with trying to sort my documents and generally travelling all over the place. Was in London on 18/19th and besides seeing the lawyer enjoyed a stroll through Foyle's and saw the Mousetrap (which was absolutely awesome!) The weekend after 20th/21th, Andy and I went to a swording do, where I sparred with an Irishman twice my size and Andy won a tournament. :D Though the poor baby got so bruised and battered afterwards he ran a fever for three days and lived on my chicken soup because it was the only thing he could eat without feeling sick. He is all better now though and we just came back from a shooting weekend where I tried shooting a rifle for the first time! I nicked the bullseye and got a shot in 9 and 8 each. From a 100 yards! Husband's currently very impressed and happy.XD

We are going to start looking for a house to rent this week. Hopefully something decent turns up soon, cause we need it urgently. D:

On a fannish note. Utterly in love with Lewis and absolutely can't wait for the new season. Also mainlining Midsomer Murders, because apparently I am sad. >.>

Book List

52. “Mystery of the Butcher's Shop”, Gladys Mitchell
53. “Snobbery with Violence”, MC Beaton
54. “Tropical Issue”, Dorothy Dunnett
55. “Not Quite Dead Enough”, Rex Stout
56. “Great Deliverance”, Elizabeth George
57. “Tragedy at Law”, Cyril Hare
58. “Last Bus to Woodstock”, Colin Dexter
59. “Payment in Blood”, Elizabeth George
60. “Unkindness of Ravens”, Ruth Rendell
61. “The Glimpses of the Moon”, Edmund Crispin
62. "Kimono for a Corpse", James Melville

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OMG! Go! Watch Endgame, guys! Episode 9 was SOMETHING! Balagan reunites with his old friend Oleg (played by Peter Wingfield of Methos fame)  - Russian astronaut and shenanigans ensue. And GOD, those two together?! I can't even. So I provide some caps for ur pleasure. :D
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TV Series

Apr. 2nd, 2011 12:20 am
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I follow a ridiculous number of tv series, so much so that I sometimes forget about one or other. Some series I follow religiously watching an episode as soon as its out, some I download but then leave them until I have more free time to catch up with them. And then there are series that have already finished or have been going on for a few seasons, which I suddenly discover. The whole post was prompted by the start of the 'summer' season, as April is going to see several new series' premiers, and is an attempt to sort them out in my brain a little. One should be organized with one's procrastination. XD

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Apparently I'm in a sci-fi & fantasy period. Huh.

Today is the second day I'm having to pretty much spend sitting at home, since bloody delivery companies are not delivering stuff on time. My poor mom was quite disappointed since she ordered some flowers for me to come on Monday and they only came yesterday afternoon. My fiance's facing the same problem, I'm hoping flowers from him arrive today, cause while I can afford staying at home today, tomorrow I have lectures (and we'll be starting Marketing, which I am excited about XD )

Last weekend (29/30) I was in London, saw quite a few of my friends from uni and stayed with two who I went to school with. On Sunday my pumpkin came down for the day, so we could go out to my pre-birthday lunch with my friends ( I counted 4 lawyers at the table, aaargh XD ), then we went to China town for bubble tea (love!) and raided Foyle's. :D

One my of school friends I stayed with is the furthest from being a geek as is humanly possible has been initiated into World of Warcraft a month ago. She is now only 20 levels behind my main character and I've been playing for a while. XD She gave me the new WoW add-on and a beginner's textbook for learning Mandarin: I think she's tired of me only knowing several words and phrases in Chinese (though I think knowing how to say "help me!" and "sexual harassment" is very important ;D) and wants me to learn some everyday phrases, possibly since I'm hoping to go with her to China next year and her parents don't speak any English. :)

Gonna make cheesecake today, maybe a friend will come over to eat it. Looking forward to Friday: booked a table at my fav French place for a b-day dinner. :D Until then it's lectures and watching "The West Wing" (which is completely awesome) and the first two seasons of X-Files (they are too XD ).  And playing with my yellow rubber duck.
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There be awesomeness on Internets. [info]leupagus  tells us why Mary Sue fic can be awesome and starts off a promptfest. Go read the reasons and possibly participate. :D Also, this promptfest has got me writing like I haven't for a long while (YES GUYS I REMEMBER YOUR REQUESTS, my brain's just having a huge constipation issue) and I would like to say that should anyone want to request a Mary Sue/Marty Sue existing or OC character fic for following fandoms, go ahead. :D

Hawaii 50
Stargate SG1 and SGA
Star Trek reboot
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Watched the latest Good Wife episode. Gonna avoid the spoilers and just say THANK YOU WRITERS FOR GIVING US THIS ENDING. I mean the reason behind jury's verdict. 

Also. NCIS: LA latest episode: X-OVER plot bunny time, because my brain was looking at the baddie and going BAAL'S CLONE! XD

And on a related note. Though SGU is cancelled TPTB are saying that the whole franchise is not necessarily dead. So I was thinking about I'd love to see in case miraculously there would be another Stargate series. I would definitely want them to go back to the old format, because no matter how deep dramatic and different SGU was, it wasn't Stargate to me. It didn't have what i loved about the Stargate: The team. The adventure. The ability to be lighter despite the whole crap that happened etc. 

I'd love another team-centered series but with foreigners. Ideally SGC-based foreign team (since they had those, so it's canon), and not one county-nationality but a mixture. I wouldn't even mind if it was led by an American, but the rest should be as different as possible say a Russian, a Japanese and an Italian or Chinese, Indian and French. Also, there should be a laison character somebody who laises between Landry and all the foreigner-staffed teams in case there are problems/issues. Also even if there can't be cameos by the original casts there at least should be continuity in terms of mentioning of what the old SG 1 members and Atlantis members are up to/ their reactions to what is going on etc. And though I'd want the team to be heroic I don't necessarily want them to be THE HEROES i.e. yeah they get to be instrumental in saving the world but not in the way SG 1 was, sorta like Mitchell.

So yeah. I'm sad.

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On 27th of December my fiance and I flew to Russia for New Year. Let me tell you people, I don't know how it is for others, but in my case having an ex-military fiance who still has atavistic/irrational fears of KGB is pretty hilarious. As we were landing I mimed attaching electrodes to him and made "Bzzzt" sounds. It was childish. I loled a lot.

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OMFG, Michael Shanks playing the commander of a Strike Force unit in the Good Guys. OMFG! The Awesome is making me squee like the mad geek I am. :333

UPD: And he's looking gooooooooooood! That ass! *drool*

UPD 2: And just generally.... THIS

Asylum 5

Nov. 3rd, 2010 08:53 pm
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On Saturday the 30th, I got up at 6 am so that my pumpkin could drive me to Birmingham for the Supernatural Asylum 5 con. This was my first ever experience of a convention and frankly I expected something along the lines of a crazed fan horde. I admit that was a bit naïve of me and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the group was actually amiable and, perhaps with one exception, absolutely normal.

The convention consisted of actors doing panel interviews during which anyone could come up to the mics provided and ask anything, coffee lounges that were a similar do, but the attending crowd was limited to 25 people (I think...) and autograph and photo sessions.

The actors present were: Misha Collins, Fredric Lehne, Jake Abel, Aldis Hodge, Julie McNiven and Mark Sheppard.

All of the actors were charismatic, engaging and fun. :D Julie MacNiven at first seemed a bit shy and not so extrovert ( and crazy ) as the guys, but she ended up talking about fluffy bunnies in a hilarious way. XD And frankly she was so utterly sweet, it was impossible to fault her for anything.

I now officially love Aldis Hodge! *_* He has an amazing voice and he recorded a voice mail message for one of the fans. :) And he was amazingly funny period. He also hugged every fan who came up to ask questions.

Jake Abel who gave the interview after Aldis was guilt tripped by fans into giving hugs as well. I got one too. *_* I loved his reply to my question too.

Fredric Lehne turned out to be a fan of the old Hawaii 5-0 series, also Star Trek and Lost in Space. He doesn't like Starsky and Hutch much though.

Mark Sheppard was the only British actor there. He confirmed the fact that he's going to be in the new Doctor Who season and he and Aldis had amazing banter during their panel interview. They both starred in Supernatural and Leverage and were talking about the possibility of a crossover:
Aldis: “We could steal hell”
Mark: “I already did”

Mark was also asked why the British actors played the bad guys on American TV so often. His reply: “Personally, I blame Alan Rickman”. XD

Misha Collins was undeniably the star of the show, but he is frankly weird (in a good way) and mocked quite a lot of the fans when they were asking questions ( I escaped that, possibly because my question came on early Sunday morning or maybe I have special “non-mockable” vibe *dreams*). He also made loads of slashers extremely happy with comments such as “He was the angel Castiel lost his virginity to” and envisioning an episode where Dean and Castiel go “make over” shopping. XDD

All in all, it was an awesome event, I enjoyed myself a lot and wouldn't mind attending a convention or two in the future.


Sep. 12th, 2010 03:04 pm
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Now that Merlin's new season started (and can I just say, OMG! ), it is time for me to round up all the new seasons' start dates (at least for the series I watch). :D

17/09/10 - QI
20/09/10 - Castle
20/09/10 - Chuck
20/09/10 - House
21/09/10 - NCIS: LA
21/09/10 - NCIS
22/09/10 - Criminal Minds
2309/10 - The Big Bang Theory
23/09/10 - Bones
23/09/10 - CSI
23/09/10 - Mentalist
24/09/10 - Supernatural
24/09/10 - CSI: NY
24/09/10 - Good Guys
28/09/10 - Stargate Universe
01/10/10 - Human Target
10/11/10 - Psych

UPDATE: Also new series I'd like to try:

15/09 - Outlaw
20/09 - Chase
20/09 - Hawaii Five-O
20/09 - The Event
22/09 - The Defenders
22/09 - Undercovers


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