May. 26th, 2009 09:51 pm
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Now, that I've (finally) got space for lots of pretty icons I actually thought about how many fandoms I have. And... WOW. x _ x And I've decided to write them all down. You can have a look under the cut. They are divided by medium (book, tv series, movie) and in those cases where the fandom spans more than one, I've put their names under the medium heading that 'started it all'!  (And I shan't even mention Russian language fandoms, well except one, which is available in English XD).

I'm sure I've missed some. *sigh*
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UPD: I just realised I have three Agatha Christie's Poirot DVDs in duplicate. They are: 'Mysterious Affair at Styles', The Kidnapped Prime Minister/The Adventure of the Western Star', 'The Plymouth Express/Wasp's Nest' .  If any of you lovely people on my f-list want them, drop me a line, I can send them to you by post.

And the prize DVDs go to [personal profile] latin_cat 
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I gotta stop rewatching 'The Avengers'. I totally blame Mrs. Emma Peel for my vision of Hunter in a leather catsuit. O_o Attractive, but disturbing on so many levels. How that led to a vision of Josef in silk and lace gown, I simply refuse to analyse. x_x Poor, poor

[livejournal.com profile] sentryguardt .

Also, dragons' tails are the best thing ever! Second only to forked tongues. I am sure [livejournal.com profile] generals_best will agree with me. XD XD XD

And to finish off, a quote from 'Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World' by Nicholas Ostler:

'... John Brough claims there are fifty synonyms for 'lotus', a favourite concept of Sanskrit poetry in both literal and metaphorical senses. Words tend to have multiple senses anyway: the most straighforward word for lotus, padma has eleven extra senses in the neuter gender (lotus-like ornament, form of a lotus, root of alotus, coloured marks on the face and trunk of an elephant, an army formation, a trillion, lead, a tantric chakra, a mole on the body, a spot, part of a column) and eight more in the masculine (temple, quarter-elephant, species of serpent, Rama, a treasure of Kubera, a mode of sexual enjoyment,a posture in meditation, a treasure connected with magic).'


This really gives a new depth to the concept of double-meaning. Now I know what was the reason behind that girl's from Cambridge Uni enthusiasm for Sanskrit: she probably indulged in composing poetry with layers and layers of meaning, just like the original speakers of Sanskrit did. 


Feb. 23rd, 2009 03:49 pm
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Ilya Kuryakin and Mrs. Emma Peel are love. ^_^ (crossovers? I wonder...) Being bed-ridden lends itself to rewatching of old spy series.


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