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Nov. 3rd, 2010 08:53 pm
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On Saturday the 30th, I got up at 6 am so that my pumpkin could drive me to Birmingham for the Supernatural Asylum 5 con. This was my first ever experience of a convention and frankly I expected something along the lines of a crazed fan horde. I admit that was a bit naïve of me and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the group was actually amiable and, perhaps with one exception, absolutely normal.

The convention consisted of actors doing panel interviews during which anyone could come up to the mics provided and ask anything, coffee lounges that were a similar do, but the attending crowd was limited to 25 people (I think...) and autograph and photo sessions.

The actors present were: Misha Collins, Fredric Lehne, Jake Abel, Aldis Hodge, Julie McNiven and Mark Sheppard.

All of the actors were charismatic, engaging and fun. :D Julie MacNiven at first seemed a bit shy and not so extrovert ( and crazy ) as the guys, but she ended up talking about fluffy bunnies in a hilarious way. XD And frankly she was so utterly sweet, it was impossible to fault her for anything.

I now officially love Aldis Hodge! *_* He has an amazing voice and he recorded a voice mail message for one of the fans. :) And he was amazingly funny period. He also hugged every fan who came up to ask questions.

Jake Abel who gave the interview after Aldis was guilt tripped by fans into giving hugs as well. I got one too. *_* I loved his reply to my question too.

Fredric Lehne turned out to be a fan of the old Hawaii 5-0 series, also Star Trek and Lost in Space. He doesn't like Starsky and Hutch much though.

Mark Sheppard was the only British actor there. He confirmed the fact that he's going to be in the new Doctor Who season and he and Aldis had amazing banter during their panel interview. They both starred in Supernatural and Leverage and were talking about the possibility of a crossover:
Aldis: “We could steal hell”
Mark: “I already did”

Mark was also asked why the British actors played the bad guys on American TV so often. His reply: “Personally, I blame Alan Rickman”. XD

Misha Collins was undeniably the star of the show, but he is frankly weird (in a good way) and mocked quite a lot of the fans when they were asking questions ( I escaped that, possibly because my question came on early Sunday morning or maybe I have special “non-mockable” vibe *dreams*). He also made loads of slashers extremely happy with comments such as “He was the angel Castiel lost his virginity to” and envisioning an episode where Dean and Castiel go “make over” shopping. XDD

All in all, it was an awesome event, I enjoyed myself a lot and wouldn't mind attending a convention or two in the future.


Sep. 12th, 2010 03:04 pm
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Now that Merlin's new season started (and can I just say, OMG! ), it is time for me to round up all the new seasons' start dates (at least for the series I watch). :D

17/09/10 - QI
20/09/10 - Castle
20/09/10 - Chuck
20/09/10 - House
21/09/10 - NCIS: LA
21/09/10 - NCIS
22/09/10 - Criminal Minds
2309/10 - The Big Bang Theory
23/09/10 - Bones
23/09/10 - CSI
23/09/10 - Mentalist
24/09/10 - Supernatural
24/09/10 - CSI: NY
24/09/10 - Good Guys
28/09/10 - Stargate Universe
01/10/10 - Human Target
10/11/10 - Psych

UPDATE: Also new series I'd like to try:

15/09 - Outlaw
20/09 - Chase
20/09 - Hawaii Five-O
20/09 - The Event
22/09 - The Defenders
22/09 - Undercovers
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New Supernatural episode!  Good episode! Adrenaline pumping sky-high.

Spoilers )

- I think I just bought a ticket for a Supernatural Con in autumn. I suck. This is like a new low for me. Srsly. Notwithstanding the fact that if I do go, I'll see pretty Misha Collins. God. Frigging hormones.

- I love my Chief Instructor and her husband (also an instructor). This is sad.  I cling to them. >.< They feed me meat and try to get me to quit smoking. Gives me warm fuzzies.

- Read a book today instead of revising. Upon finishing it, read the blurb. It was supposed to be horror. Did not notice that, the horror I mean. Either I have a high horror threshold or writer sucks at horror and only succeeds at nasty and writing cool!devil.


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