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Title: Five StC AUs I Am Not Writing
Rating: PG-13 for some language and a bit of violence
Pairing: primarily Torrington/Hunter, mention of Wellington/Sharpe.
Disclaimer: The characters and the universes belong to their respective creators.

Link to the story at AO3

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For the drabble meme [personal profile] latin_cat requested Wellington/Hunter, 'secrets'. Here it is. No stoning. XD


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Christ has risen! Happy Easter to all!

From [personal profile] latin_cat 

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate
you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

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Yay! More porn between Sharpe and Welly at StC *loves, drools*. Hunter is horny as hell and would rather be a serial fornicator then serial killer. XDD Too much champagne and oysters in my body to deny him that. And, yeah, I now know how to say 'sexual harrasment' in Chinese (my poor friend XD though I only asked her to marry me). And God, conversation about the physics of giraffe vomiting was brilliant though a tad distrubing, though not as disturbing as my friend having to stop me from getting up and asking everyone in the restaurant to drink to the memory of Wellington. *dies* 

To [livejournal.com profile] sharpiefan and [Bad username or unknown identity: latin_cat  ]I love you both and I'm grateful you didn't get to see me under influence! XDDD Thanks for the cool day.

To [livejournal.com profile] sentryguardt and [profile] generals_bestI love you too! Bring out Josef and Brandon. Hunter wants to play! XDDD *insert evil laughter* I will get him a whip. ^^

UPD: Whip is for playing with Josef. Brandon can spank him. ^^ Or tie him up. XDD

P.S.: More coherent post later. XD
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A lot of Easter-related posting on my friend's list, so I'd like to wish everyone a good Easter, while I myself contemplate the recipe for the traditional Easter dishes and ponder the fact that for Russian Orthodox Christians Easter is next week. 

And have my brain invaded by StC kink meme plotbunnies.
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Ah, went to see 'Aida' today. Beautiful beautiful opera! Four hours of beauty in all its senses. But that maybe the champagne talking. ^^ Poor mom she had to drive so she couldn't join me, but I indulged myself by drinking a few glasses of it during the breaks. :3 No wonder one of the things going through my head while watching the performance was: hmm, the theatre is 226 years old, it would have been there when Welly was in town... And then one aria put the image of Hunter in my head. O_o
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I gotta stop rewatching 'The Avengers'. I totally blame Mrs. Emma Peel for my vision of Hunter in a leather catsuit. O_o Attractive, but disturbing on so many levels. How that led to a vision of Josef in silk and lace gown, I simply refuse to analyse. x_x Poor, poor

[livejournal.com profile] sentryguardt .

Also, dragons' tails are the best thing ever! Second only to forked tongues. I am sure [livejournal.com profile] generals_best will agree with me. XD XD XD

And to finish off, a quote from 'Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World' by Nicholas Ostler:

'... John Brough claims there are fifty synonyms for 'lotus', a favourite concept of Sanskrit poetry in both literal and metaphorical senses. Words tend to have multiple senses anyway: the most straighforward word for lotus, padma has eleven extra senses in the neuter gender (lotus-like ornament, form of a lotus, root of alotus, coloured marks on the face and trunk of an elephant, an army formation, a trillion, lead, a tantric chakra, a mole on the body, a spot, part of a column) and eight more in the masculine (temple, quarter-elephant, species of serpent, Rama, a treasure of Kubera, a mode of sexual enjoyment,a posture in meditation, a treasure connected with magic).'


This really gives a new depth to the concept of double-meaning. Now I know what was the reason behind that girl's from Cambridge Uni enthusiasm for Sanskrit: she probably indulged in composing poetry with layers and layers of meaning, just like the original speakers of Sanskrit did. 


Feb. 11th, 2009 07:05 pm
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What irritates you the most?

The lack of 'live, and let live' attitude.

Which character do you like best and why?

My, that's a difficult one... I love Sir Arthur, because I am a huge fangirl and he is played amazingly well on StC. Also I love Josef and Colonel Brandon, maybe because they are played by people I like, or maybe because my character gets to have the hottest sex ever with them. XD

What is the one thing you would never see Hunter doing?

Hurting an animal.

Did Pierce ever get a fly in his mouth while yelling?

No. XD

What is Prestwich's fear? 

To be a failure at his job.

Which character do you dislike most?

I don't think I actually truly dislike any of the characters. I feel rather neutral about most of them. Sometimes Hunter makes me want to smack him, which is amazing considering he is my own character.

What would Prestwich do if he was condemned to a voyage on a ship?

Probably run around studying the engineering behind the ship-building.


Is there a book that you tried to read several times again but never finished?

I don't think so. If I find I don't like the book, I usually never try to read it again. If the book is simply difficult to get to grips with, I simply take a break to 'digest' what I have read so far.

Do you have a character - of any book you read - that you'd rather write out of that book?

Yes, Agatha Troy from Ngaio Marsh's series about Chief Inspector Alleyn. It is not that I do not like her in her own right, but I feel that she sometimes takes the place of Alleyn's Watson, and that place is much better occupied by Nigel Bathgate because their chemistry is so much better than that between Troy and Alleyn, but then I'm weird. XD

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I hate him. I do. He made me do this.  A vid about Hunter.  Bits with Hunter = Hunter, the rest is his mind, emotions, etc. And now I go to clean me brain.

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StC owns my soul. My character George Hunter owns my mind. He's proven to be a shameless slut and a blood-thirsty monster, and yet he tells me there ain't no way he is going to kill an animal or break a promise. He is strange and I love him  that way. XD

He also flirted with and tried to trick Colonel Brandon, and later they are supposed to have a dinner together and I will seriously have to struggle with the little demon to stop him from saying too many things with hidden meaning. Although what he really wants to do now is stick his sabre in someone. In more than one way. XD

Gah. Shoot me.

Oh, and he also has a song now, or a sountrack if you wish: 'Original Sin' by Taylor Dayne. O_O And 'I touch myself' by Divynils. XD
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My character from the forum RPG 'Show the Colours'  http://showthecolours.forumakers.com/forum.htm , George Hunter is scary and wants me to write a short fic about his childhood. Gah, *goes away to search for an exorcist*


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