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 Today I went to London to submit my husband's documents for a Russian visa. I thought I'd avoid bureaucratic brain rape, but while it was a mild case (a sort of intercrural brain rape), I didn't and ended up spending almost two hours at the visa centre. But! It ended up being a Good Thing, since a girl asked me a question about a spousal visa application and we got chatting and... It turned out she's not only Russian but comes from the same city, she's only a few years older than me and he husband's slightly older than mine (we both have antique husbands <3 ) and she lives about 40 mins from us. :D We chatted very happily, went for coffee afterwards and exchanged phone numbers. :D And then I went for book/food therapy. 

And I dunno what is it about me, but why do I always get stopped and asked for directions/help so often? Today it was four times. Yes, I counted. XD 
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Finally went to the doctor's today. Finally here is my own failing. XD Last Sunday I woke up and realised that when I put weight on my left hand it goes OUCH. At first I thought it was a sprain, but the pain got worse so today I called up my insurance company and they arranged a doctor's appointment within two hours. Turns out I got tendonitis, which I kinda figured. The doctor was nice though slightly weirded out as to how the hell did I even get tendonitis. XD Anyways, I am to take antiinflammtories till Friday and if not much better I might have to do a little physio. I actually met their physiotherapist today briefly (the GP took me to his office so that he could bandage my hand for me) and for some weird reason I thought him incredibly adorable. :3 :3 :3 Now though, because of the bandage being so stiff, I can't actually do a lot of things, so poor husband will have to cook his own dinner. Ho. Ho. Ho.

In other news:

- Christmas shopping. Barely started, planning to hit Manchester city centre on Wednesday. :D
- Husband's work Christmas do on Saturday. *sigh* Our Saturday idea of fun is pigging out in restaurant and book shopping. >.<
- FINALLY got an idea for perfect_duet advent thing. Hope it pans out. O_O
- The Ladykillers play was amazing!!!
- Lion in Winter - decent. Lovely Robert Lindsay and Joanna Lumley. Also - good for slashers. XD
- Mainlined "Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister". Adorbs. :3 :3

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Married life is ... married. We are getting accustomed to living with each other properly (judging by the fact that Andy's recognises the manic smile I get after I've been indulging in quality slash, we are succeeding. XD )

Despite my unemployed status, life's quite busy what with trying to sort my documents and generally travelling all over the place. Was in London on 18/19th and besides seeing the lawyer enjoyed a stroll through Foyle's and saw the Mousetrap (which was absolutely awesome!) The weekend after 20th/21th, Andy and I went to a swording do, where I sparred with an Irishman twice my size and Andy won a tournament. :D Though the poor baby got so bruised and battered afterwards he ran a fever for three days and lived on my chicken soup because it was the only thing he could eat without feeling sick. He is all better now though and we just came back from a shooting weekend where I tried shooting a rifle for the first time! I nicked the bullseye and got a shot in 9 and 8 each. From a 100 yards! Husband's currently very impressed and happy.XD

We are going to start looking for a house to rent this week. Hopefully something decent turns up soon, cause we need it urgently. D:

On a fannish note. Utterly in love with Lewis and absolutely can't wait for the new season. Also mainlining Midsomer Murders, because apparently I am sad. >.>

Book List

52. “Mystery of the Butcher's Shop”, Gladys Mitchell
53. “Snobbery with Violence”, MC Beaton
54. “Tropical Issue”, Dorothy Dunnett
55. “Not Quite Dead Enough”, Rex Stout
56. “Great Deliverance”, Elizabeth George
57. “Tragedy at Law”, Cyril Hare
58. “Last Bus to Woodstock”, Colin Dexter
59. “Payment in Blood”, Elizabeth George
60. “Unkindness of Ravens”, Ruth Rendell
61. “The Glimpses of the Moon”, Edmund Crispin
62. "Kimono for a Corpse", James Melville

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On 27th of December my fiance and I flew to Russia for New Year. Let me tell you people, I don't know how it is for others, but in my case having an ex-military fiance who still has atavistic/irrational fears of KGB is pretty hilarious. As we were landing I mimed attaching electrodes to him and made "Bzzzt" sounds. It was childish. I loled a lot.

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- Back from spending a few days near Leeds. 6 hour train journeys are not very fun at all. :(

-  Prompted by [personal profile] latin_cat's post on Bolitho series, I got back into reading them and am up to Passage to Mutiny now, I believe. And yet, Patrick O'Brian will always be THE naval author for me. Which is not safe, since my pumpkin's favourite naval author is in fact Kent and bickering on the topic of Aubrey vs. Bolitho is now a normal occurence. >.>

Hawaii Five-O (2010): MAJOR SLASH POSSIBILITIES me thinks. :D

P.S.: As of last Thursday (23rd) I am officially engaged! O__O 

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Off to Leeds tomorrow. Somehow have to fit in college and hairdresser's before catching the train. >.<  And then, apparently, going to have to shoot things on Sunday and meet my pumpkin's best friend. :D Hope will be back on Monday in time for the swords training. 

P.S.: I adore Bill Bryson. :3


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