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Japp suffering from secondary embarassment? I <3 it. XD
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I just can't get over my love for Hastings. XD I am re-watching The Adventure of Egyptian Tomb, and the eggs over easy bit along with "You just don't understand golf, Poirot" still kill me. XDD Too cute, he is too cute. :3
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Have you seen Poirot "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" epcisode? Have you noticed that Miss Lemon is listening to a radioplay of Raffles?! :D
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Ohohoho, I haven't worn skirts for ages. XD This particular specimen has an annoying habit of doing the Marilyn Monroe 'trick' with the barest breeze. XD

Pic under cut ^^ )

Also, more give away. I have 5 Poirot DVDs I won't be needing anymore. They are:

1. The Peril at End House
2. The Veiled Lady/The Lost Mine
3. Third Floor Flat/ Triangle at Rhodes
4. The King of clubs/The Dream
5. The Adventure of Clapham Cook/Murder in the Mews.

Let me know and I'll post them to you if you want. :D
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Ho HO HO. I finally bought lighter fluid! :D Can use my Zippo again! *fondles* How pretty it is! :D

Poirot so definitely rules! More quotes (all from 'Dumb Witness'):


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Good morning, world!  Where is my 'Ashes to Ashes' first season DVDs? Eh? *picks up mop threateningly'

My little book of wonders Wellington facts got a couple of new additions this morning. His plumed hat, which he wore at Waterloo, was provided by James Lock of 6 St. James's Street. And George Hoby was reported to have attributed Wellington's success at Vittoria to the combination of Hoby's boots and prayers. Now, isn't it fun?! XD

Also, how seriously fun is it to engage in geological conversation using the outside wall of my house as an example? XD Poor poor wall, the poking it endured from us. XD

*walks off to find 'Hercule Poirot's Christmas' twirling the mop*
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I am officially in love with Captain Rennie, one of the two main characters of Peter Smalley's series. His first book 'HMS Expedient' kept me up well into the night (with a lot of giggling going on, especially when the first liuetenant looses the somewhat tipsy Captain) and the next day I went out and got all the books so far available in the series. The second book so far is good too. ^_^ And they get to go to the Caribbean! Yay!

Apparently, there is a 'relic' in my family, which I knew nothing of until a few days ago. My father's side of the family, or more specifically his mother's side, has a rare Bible that is at least 200 years old that has been passed down through generations, once the 'representative' of the next generation had, so to speak, found faith. The reason my dad told me about was because my grandmother has given to him precisely for that reason. It has piqued my curiosity greatly and I will insist on seeing it when I am back in Russia this month. :)

I have been yet again re-watching Poirot series and I find I become more and more addicted as I rewatch them. O_o A lovely quote from one of the episodes I rewatched today:

Poirot: "That is very funny Hastings. However, when you are grown up, you will find that food, it is not the subject suitable for the humour"


Napoleonic wars stuff (mostly to do with Wellington) ^_^ )


Feb. 24th, 2009 09:35 am
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A new Russian Sherlock Holmes series?! You have got to be kidding me... And no one knows who the new Holmes will be. Curse them and their suspence!

 Found my copy of the 'Curtain', the last book about Poirot. Hid it again. I never read it and doubt I will any time soon, I just can't. x_x

 Need to go to the stationery store. I seem to have run out of my favourite squared paper. ;_;

 Must. Stop. Pretending. That I am Tolkien. Cause I am not and don't particularly want to be. XD

 And seriously this pain-relief cream mom got me for my back has menthol. Makes me feel like someone chucked ice into my pants. O_O

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OMFG, OMFG!!! When I bought a new issue of 'Classic Arms and Militia' I didn't even know what jewel waited for me between it's covers! An article about James Duff, 4th Earl of Fife!!! Yes, the one who became a Spanish General! OMG, I practically shrieked with delight! Most of the article was on the man's gun collection but there were a few biographical facts that I did not know and just have to share!

'He fought with distinction being severely wounded at Talavera, and becoming a hero at Fort Matagorda while saving the Spanish standard. Before returning home in 1813, his friend the Duke of Wellington presented him with a jeweled sword that he had taken from the defeated Tipu Sultan in India in 1799.'

'He was also appointed Grand Master of Masonic Lodge for Scotland.'

'He had been known occasionally to dress down while attempting to go unrecognised on his estate. On one occasion he spotted an old woman as she struggled, carrying a heavy sack on her shoulders. Taking it from her, James carried it to her croft. 'Sieve your oats well, lassie,' he cried on departing. The old woman took heed and discovered two gold coins within the sack.'

The magazine also has an article on New Land Pattern Light Infantry musket that was developed during the Napoleonic Wars and also saw service in the Canadian War in 1812.

On a totally different note. I was rewatching some old episodes of Agatha Christie's Poirot and it struck me that in 'The Disapperance of Mr. Davenheim' Poirot is being particularly sarcastic. XD Here are a couple of quotes.

'Small animals have no place in the home life of a private detective from Belgium... except of course as a source of nourishment.'

Poirot : 'And please dont fraternize with that creature, I'm still training him'
Hastings: 'It's only a parrot.'
Poirot: 'I was talking to the parrot.'

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, a picspam of impressive proportions!

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Kirk of St. Nicholas.

Prettiness. ^_^ )


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