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OMG! Go! Watch Endgame, guys! Episode 9 was SOMETHING! Balagan reunites with his old friend Oleg (played by Peter Wingfield of Methos fame)  - Russian astronaut and shenanigans ensue. And GOD, those two together?! I can't even. So I provide some caps for ur pleasure. :D
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Pretty, pretty screenshot from Endgame episode 3. I am feeling my slasher's senses being awakened XD

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Two notes! Some of the books have escaped the photo session (e.g. "Life along the silk road", "The Pursuit of Glory: Europe 1648 - 1815", "American Gods")  because they are either piled on my desk or next to my bed, or hidden behind the first row of their "comrades" ^_^;; Also, I have a severe lack of bookshelves at my new place, so most of my books are piled on various surfaces adapted for the purpose. XD
(Also a lot of my books (most of them that is) are back home (like O'Brian, most of Sharpe, Pratchett etc.) , since everytime my mom visits she takes at least 15-18 kilos with her.  XD )

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Sometimes I dress like a pirate and haunt the playgrounds. XD

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The captain of the Russian football team Andrei Arshavin:

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I love this car so much.

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The things I have in my closet continue to amuse me. XD

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Henry Kissinger on the Congress of Vienna (from his "Diplomacy" - the bible of my fourth year course :D)

"Paradoxically, this international order, which was created more explicitly in the name of the balance of power than any other before or since, relied the least on power to maintain itself. This unique state of affairs occured partly because the equilibrium was designed so well that it could only be overthrown by an effort of magnitude too difficult to mount. But the most important reason was that the Continental countries were knit together by a sense of shared values. There was not only a physical equilibrium, but a moral one. Power and justice were in substantial harmony. The balance of power reduces the opportunities for using force; a shared sense of justice reduces the desire to use force. An international order which is not considered just will be challenged sooner or later. But how a people perceives the fairness of a particular world order is determined as much by its domestic institutions as by judgements on tactical foreign-policy issues. For that reason, compatibility between domestic institutions is a reinforcement for peace. Ironic as it may seem, Metternich presaged Wilson, in the sense that he believe that a shared concept of justice was a prerequisite for international order, however diametrically opposed his idea of justice was to what Wilson sought to institutionalize in the twentieth century."

Left to right:

Group of four on the very left: Wellington (Great Britain), Lobo (Portugal), Saldanha (Portugal), Lowenhielm (Sweden). Seated in front of them: (with the cloak on the back of the chair) Hardenberg (Prussia).

Group of six next to them and before the table. Four standing: Noailles (France), Metternich (Austria), Latour Dupin (France), Nesselrode (Russia); Two seated: Palmella (Portugal), Castlereagh (Great Britain).

The group of twelve around the table. Dalberg (France), Wessenberg (Austria). Two standing: Razumovsky (Russia), Stewart (Great Britain).  Labrador (Spain), Clancarty (leaning)(?). Group of four standing: Wacken (Austria), Gentz (Austria), Humboldt (Prussia), Cathcart (Great Britain). Two seated in front of them: Talleyrand (France), Stackelberg (Russia).

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The statue of Peter I commonly known as The Bronze Horseman is one of the most commonly used symbols of St.-Petersburg. The sculptor Etienne Maurice Falconet was recommended to Catherine II by Denis Diderot. The statue took 14 years to make and was finally unveiled in 1782. Its pedestal is a huge boulder known as Thunder Stone, shaped to represent a cliff. Peter's outstretched arm points towards the Neva river, and a snake writhes under the hooves of his horse, representing his enemies.

It stands on the Senate square, with Neva in front of it and St. Isaac's cathedral behind it. It was here that in December 1825 the Decembrist revolt took place.

One of St.-Petersburg legends says that during particularly heavy storms, Bronze Horseman gallops around the city. Another says that as long as Bronze Horseman stands in its place, St. - Petersburg will not fall into enemies hands. During the 900 day siege of St.-Petersburg (then Leningrad) during the WWII, the statue was not taken down, but instead covered with sandbags and a wooden shelter. Amazingly enough it survived the whole siege without being damaged by the bombing and artillery fire, and true to the legend, the enemy forces did not enter the city. 


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This painting by Kivshenko represents the military council held at the village of Fili right after the Battle of Borodino. It was there that the decision to abandon Moscow to the French was made. Kutuzov had summoned his principal generals to it and though most of them opposed the abandonment of Moscow, and in fact proposed to attack Napoleon's forces, he ordered the retreat. Famously one of the Generals that did support his idea was Count Osterman-Tolstoy who, according to some sources said: 'Moscow does not constitute Russia: our purpose is not simply the defence of the capital, but the whole country, and for that the main object is preserving the army.'

In the Russian 1967 movie "War and Peace" when the scene opens at the council in Fili, the whole set-up copies this painting almost exactly.

Count A. I. Osterman-Tolstoy is the fifth from the left, the one who is leaning back against the wall by the window. I absolutely love the way he is placed in the painting, with the sunlight almost giving a sort of glow to him. (Yes, I am a fangirl! XD)

Click the painting for a bigger version. :D (So you can see pretty Count Osterman-Tolstoy better. ^_^)

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This is the Grand Ball scene from the 1967 Russian adaptation of Tolstoy's 'War and Peace'. This scene takes place sometime prior to the invasion of Russia by Napoleon and here Prince Bolkonsky (the actor who plays him in my opinion could have played Wellington ^_^;;) meets Natasha Rostova.  

If the video is not working, here is the direct link to utube.

UPD: Some stills of Bolkonsky.

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Jun. 28th, 2009 01:03 am
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Oh, God. The trip was awesome! Let me tell you all about it!

On Thursday I went to Inverness, which for the next two nights was going to be the 'base of my operations'. Next day, I got up at 5.15 a.m and caught the bus to Fort William. There I had breakfast and saw Ben Nevis. :D From Fort William I took the steam train to Mallaig. We passed over the Glenfinnan viaduct (Harry Potter!) and the scenery in general was amazing. On the way back, as we slowed down to pass over the viaduct again there was a huge stag standing very close to the tracks. So freaking amazing! I've seen deer in the 'wild' before but only the young ones. This was a proper regal stag with HUGE antlers. So beautiful.

Also, I fell asleep on that journey and woke up to find self covered in soot. Steam trains FTW. There is something so real about them. So much sound.

Saturday was devoted to Dunrobin Castle, which has a 'private' railway station, where the trains only stop at a request. It's huge and very different from other Scottish castles. And I got to see a falconry display. Joy!


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Jun. 15th, 2009 05:21 am
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Yesterday, I went to Scone Palace in Perth. Just wow.. It's amazing. Especially the grounds. They even have a proper hedge maze there, in which of course we got lost and laughed like idiots. I will post some pics as soon as photobucket starts working. Grrr.

And sleepless nights of seeing one's mom off on an early flight lend themselves to booking and organizing things. So...

Next weekend.

20th of June.

7.14 - 9.40 a.m. - travel to Inverness.
10.30 a.m - catch the 'Jacobite Tours' bus.
11.00 a.m - 17.15 p.m. - boat tour of the Loch Ness & Caledonian Tunnel, two hours tour of Urquhart Castle, visit to Corrimony Cairns.
6.00 p.m. onwards - check in to the hotel, have dinner, collapse onto the bed. Thakfully, it's a double bed.

21st of June.

8.00 a.m. - wake up, eat, check out of the hotel.
12. 46 p.m. - arrive at the Dunrobin Castle station. (It'll be the northernmost place in Scotland I've been).
2.00 p.m. - falconry event at the castle
17.52 p.m. - catch the train back to Inverness, then at 21.00 p.m. - train to Aberdeen.

And maybe the weekend after that I'll go to Fort William and take the Jacobite Steam Train to Mallaig and go up Ben Nevis. x _ x I don't know if I will, it takes 7 hours only to get to Fort William, but I sure as hell will look into organizing it.

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Cause every girl once in a while has got to show off her shoes... Tonight I went to a reasturant, and I really wanted to wear this pair of Manolos out and so I did. XD :D And we took pictures. ^^;;
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Ohohoho, I haven't worn skirts for ages. XD This particular specimen has an annoying habit of doing the Marilyn Monroe 'trick' with the barest breeze. XD

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Also, more give away. I have 5 Poirot DVDs I won't be needing anymore. They are:

1. The Peril at End House
2. The Veiled Lady/The Lost Mine
3. Third Floor Flat/ Triangle at Rhodes
4. The King of clubs/The Dream
5. The Adventure of Clapham Cook/Murder in the Mews.

Let me know and I'll post them to you if you want. :D
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Since lately I became obsessed with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I decided to create my own special napoleonic wars League. XD And I drew them! They don't look like their originals at all, but, well XD I gotta share with the world! It obviously needs more work, especially colouring. >.<

From left to right are:

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Although it's not really what it looks like... It does look damn hilarious! :D 

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It's cloudy again here, which is good cause I doubt I have the strength to spend another whole day out and about. XD Yesterday, after 5 hours of sleep I grabbed my friend, who was successfully bullied into coming with me, and went to Huntly.  There we saw the castle, went to the 'Dean's' shortbread factory to see shortbread being made and packaged (OMG, how awesome the smell was in the viewing gallery!). And then we walked about 3-4 miles to the Castle Hotel, where we got some afternoon tea (mmm, fresh scones). My friend was taken by the hotel manager to the train station so she would not be late for an appointment and I stayed on the hotel's terrace, reading and drinking cider and generally enjoying the sunshine. Then I had dinner and finally went home. It was such an awesome day! And my face is becoming tanned! ^^


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OMG, I actually spent almost 4 hours in a park, sitting by the river and doing exactly nothing. Well, I played with a dog and made a dandellion wreath, and then I went home wearing it. XD I had to pass through my uni's campus to get there: now I know how rumours of uni crazies start. XD Some drivers tried to attract my attention by sounding their horns. Rofl. Maybe it was the 'slash' t-shirt though. XDD

UPD: I do believe I have sunburn on my right cheek. x _ x


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