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 Am rewatching  Batman Begins and Dark Knight to prepare myself for Dark Knight Rises (and take my mind off the impending emotional explosion of Iron Man 3). And  ok, I am a slasher, but Gordon/Wayne is a really good pairing cause those two have waay more chemistry together than Rachel and Wayne. I mean, holy crap, that scene where Batman reveals his identity to Rachel is like OOOH, THIS IS GONNA BE...erm, a bit underwhelming? and then at the last scene of Batman Begins where Gordon says 'I never said thank you' (or smth very similar) and Batman is all quiet for a few moments and then 'And you'll never have to', part of me was like 'HOLD ON, THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO  BE A LOVE CONFESSION HERE, NO?' 

P.S.: But I still ship Iron Man/Batman so hard. SO SO HARD. There should be a fic where Batman and Iron Man kick ass together in battle and are flawless and then also proceed to blow everyone's brains with science (except Banner's, cause he is their Science Bro).
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Waterloo was on tv today, husband insisted we watch it. We started off by debating Hugh Fraser vs. Christopher Plummer as Wellington, but quickly subsided. My face during the movie went from ;____; to *____* in split seconds. *sigh* I want Welly fic. x_x
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Last week was supposed to be a holiday... It was definitely more tiring than a normal week of studies. In the space of ten days I've travelled to Birmingham, Banbury, Leeds, London, then Leeds and Aberdeen again. I am deader than a dead thing on a dead day.

However, I have had time to read some books and I highly recommend "Doctor Dogbody's Leg" by James N. Hall. I literally couldn't put it down! It's about a retired naval surgeonb telling tall tales to his friend in a Portsmouth tavern. The fun thing is that all the tales are about him losing his leg. :D I loved this book so much.

Also, I watched "Dean Spanley" yesterday and really, really enjoyed it. Also highly recommended.
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List all of the television shows you have on DVD, no matter how obscure or embarrassing. Even if you only own one season, list it! Let's see who has what!

There bound to be some titles I forgot to mention...

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Computer died on me last Thursday. The utter bastard. And now I have it back, which means I can lay off reading books as if I was on some kind of binge. But then I am going down to Leeds on Friday morning and coming back late on Monday and my laptop's heavy... so more books. XD Thing is I have no idea what to read. I want a detective story with two main characters (you know, Poirot-Hastings, Holmes-Watson, Dalziel-Pascoe, Alleyn-various, that kind of thing) but it looks like I've run out (there are still two novels by Ngaio Marsh I've not read yet, but I'm saving those for a Black Day). Aaargh. Not cool.

Spent the day doing nothing but watching Dalziel and Pascoe TV series. God, I love it, but season 7 feels so utterly utterly wrong. Not bad, just wrong.

P.S.: Due to the overdose of Reginald Hill, I'm scared of going to Leeds. I'll be grinning like a damn fool on the train, I know it. What can I do? I love Dalziel and Pascoe. I LOVE THEM. XD
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I just can't get over my love for Hastings. XD I am re-watching The Adventure of Egyptian Tomb, and the eggs over easy bit along with "You just don't understand golf, Poirot" still kill me. XDD Too cute, he is too cute. :3
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Have you seen Poirot "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" epcisode? Have you noticed that Miss Lemon is listening to a radioplay of Raffles?! :D
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It's weird how I hate Martha Fiennes's Onegin movie, but don't bat an eyelash when I see Onegin/Lensky slash. *sigh*

Quote of the day (translated from Russian):

1: Napoleon was defeated [
in 1812] during a relatively warm time of the year: the temperature was rarely lower than -5 C.
2: - 5 C is lower than Napoleon's freezing point. You should really learn physics.
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Yesterday I have lost my Bunny and Raffles virginity, read the very timely post by [livejournal.com profile] elabyand today I ventured forth to the library, which amazingly had a copy of the "Amateur Cracksman" ( I might have also picked up "The History of the Silk Road", but that's beside the point). The library also had... YES! The "Raffles" TV series on DVD, which I lost no time in borrowing. ^_^ They look so cute on the cover! :D

(I also picked up Doyle's Dr. Challenger collection at Oxfam. Am such a happy bunny! :3 )
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I just watched the movie 'Little Ashes'. On the verge of tears I found my university notes on the poetry of Garcia Lorca, and there was this poem, which in fact succeeded in making me cry a little, coming on top of the movie. Probably because he has come alive in sense for me.

Soneto de la dulce queja )
And now I will go be melancholic and depressed.
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Watched 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' again. Gah, I love that movie! Val Kilmer is so great in it. XD

Some quotes XD )
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Second half of the night was spent mostly in hysterical laughter and some light Napoleonic Wars discussions. But the first half yet again showed me that I am an incurable slasher. x _ x

I was rewatching 'The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed', a Russian mini-series filmed in 1979, but set in the summer of 1945. The set-up of the story is enough to make any slasher's heart beat a little faster.

A young (and utterly handsome with incredible blue eyes) reconnaissance officer comes back from the fighting and is assigned to duty at Moscow CID.  He is young, still idealistic, kind, doesn't know anything about the way the criminal world works and did I mention, incredibly cute? ^_^ His new boss is a tough, 'ends justify the means' guy, who is not that bad looking and certainly very charismatic. Of course they clash! With fireworks!

If that wasn't enough, let's just look at some things that happen in the series:

- In the very first episode they start living together, because OMG, the boss lives way too far from the office, and our young officer is sooo kind. ^^ (Later on during a fight, he tells his boss to get the hell out of his flat! Then he tells his girlfriend that he was unneccessarily harsh, ahd that he is worried, and the girlfriend just looks like she knows, if they don't yet. Of course, that night when he comes back home, his boss is there, asleep, with no intention of moving out and our young hero smiles adorably as he is told to switch off the lights and not make too much noise.)

- at a work celebration/event where most of the men came in their police/military formal uniforms, the young hero attracted immediate attention, because formal uniform = all the medals he got for his service in WWII. Let's just say he was packing A LOT of 'jewelery' and was very shy because of all the attention. Next comes the scene that is HEAVEN for any slasher. The young and much admired but shy hero turns around and sees his love interest boss coming down the stairs towards their group. When the boss spots him in his formal uniform he slows down, his eyes going a little wide with surprise that's written all over his face. OMG!!! *flails*

And there is much much more, but I will stop here. XD
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This painting by Kivshenko represents the military council held at the village of Fili right after the Battle of Borodino. It was there that the decision to abandon Moscow to the French was made. Kutuzov had summoned his principal generals to it and though most of them opposed the abandonment of Moscow, and in fact proposed to attack Napoleon's forces, he ordered the retreat. Famously one of the Generals that did support his idea was Count Osterman-Tolstoy who, according to some sources said: 'Moscow does not constitute Russia: our purpose is not simply the defence of the capital, but the whole country, and for that the main object is preserving the army.'

In the Russian 1967 movie "War and Peace" when the scene opens at the council in Fili, the whole set-up copies this painting almost exactly.

Count A. I. Osterman-Tolstoy is the fifth from the left, the one who is leaning back against the wall by the window. I absolutely love the way he is placed in the painting, with the sunlight almost giving a sort of glow to him. (Yes, I am a fangirl! XD)

Click the painting for a bigger version. :D (So you can see pretty Count Osterman-Tolstoy better. ^_^)

The Complete Who is Who on this painting )

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This is the Grand Ball scene from the 1967 Russian adaptation of Tolstoy's 'War and Peace'. This scene takes place sometime prior to the invasion of Russia by Napoleon and here Prince Bolkonsky (the actor who plays him in my opinion could have played Wellington ^_^;;) meets Natasha Rostova.  

If the video is not working, here is the direct link to utube.

UPD: Some stills of Bolkonsky.

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Jul. 13th, 2009 09:26 am
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Finally watched the new episode of Eureka! My favourite quote of the episode: 'You speak Dutch?!'

Was up the whole night, so that's what is responsible for the following.

See that userpic? It comes from this portrait. Portrait of General Osterman-Tolstoy (also a Count and a former governor of St.-Petersburg (squees fannishly because OMG, he was pretty! ^_^;;) Anyhow, I just gotta share this anecdote of his life, because it's just so so so... erm, something! XD

In August of 1813, during the Battle of Kulm a cannonball shattered Osterman's left arm up to the shoulder. While waiting for the operation, Ostermann was listening to three doctors arguing in Latin how to amputate the arm better. Finally one of them, the youngest, turned to look at the General and saw a mocking expression in his eyes.
- It was useless, gentlemen, to speak in Latin, - said the Doctor, - the Count knows it better than we do!
To which, Ostermann said:
- You are good! Here, you will cut, no one else!

(sighs lovingly)

Count Osterman-Tolstoy.


More paintings. Of Welly and others.  )


Jul. 11th, 2009 02:04 pm
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The following two vids contain two pieces of music that are among my best-loved. The first is quite recent, a waltz written by Eugene Doga, a Moldavian composer, for a Russian movie 'My tender and sweet beast.'  I think it is my favourite waltz ever.

The second is a finale of 1812 overture by Tchaikovsky. I loved the whole overture even before I got into the whole Napoleonic Wars thing. ^_^ Wikipedia had a very good summary of the overture's plotline, which I'm posting as well, with the bit relevant for the finale highlighted.

Music here )
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I've been thinking... (bad, I know) Did anyone else ever feel that Hooker was inspired to write MASH not only by his own experiences but also by Hemingway's 'A Farewell to Arms'? Or that the script writers of the series themselves were influenced by the character of Rinaldi in that book when writing the character of Hawkeye? Or maybe I'm just hallucinating.
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What does it say about me that my favourite character in a book I just finished is a talking gun? Though you gotta hand to it, it has an fun personality and it's a SIG. XD

Got about halfway through season 3 of Starsky & Hutch and... that's right, I'm rewatching M*A*S*H instead now. Didn't think I'd be doing quite so soon, must be something to do with having read the book. :D Which is awesome.

And you know what is the best thing ever about a full body massage? When they massage your ankles and fingers. Dad agrees. :D But then he also says that going for spa treatments is a much better way of spending my time than horse riding (which unfortunately I won't be doing at all until after 4th of July when I come back from London). Parents are weird. O_o

UPD: Why it's so damn hard to choose books for a trip?! Grrr.
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*FLAILS* HOW FREAKING COOL IS THE 'EATERS OF THE DEAD'? And for once the movie based on a book, this book in particular doesn't suck! Yay! And in the movie the main character is played by Antonio Banderas! *FLAILS some more*

And I just can't freaking believe there is not one decent movie adaptation of 'King Solomon's Mines'! What's up with all the weird females in each and every one of them?! And how could they have possibly had the guts to cut out the character of Sir Henry Curtis who is so absolutely freaking fantastic?!!


May. 27th, 2009 09:13 pm
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Archie Goodwin is just so much fun! That's what he says in the 'Red Box':

'Fundamentally I am a direct type, and that's why I can never be a really fine detective. Although I keep it down as much as I can, so it won't interfere with my work, I always have an inclination in a case of murder to march up to all the possible suspects, one after another, and look them in the eye and ask them, 'Did you put that poison in the aspirin bottle?' and just keep that up until one of them  says, 'Yes'. As I say, I keep it down but have to fight it.

Isn't he cute? :D

The Fic Wish List meme from [personal profile] latin_cat 

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