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Today I discovered something amazing, well it is actually pretty bad, but the kind of bad, that it is good. Apparently this January a movie came out about 1812 invasion of Russia, except it is a huge absurd comedy...anyhow, without getting bogged down in the plot, I cut out a short vid of Napoleon and his Marshals, which proves that director knew what breeches are for. ;D 

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Just returned from a brief sojourn in London, but while it was brief it was certainly not uneventful.

On Friday, a friend of mine and I ventured to Cinnamon Club restaurant for lunch. It is a very short walk from the Houses of Parliament and is one of those places where you are convinced that there are more waiters than diners even though it is busy. While the food there is definitely of a high quality, it is not exactly my cup of tea, so to speak, the restaurant has a very good atmosphere, which probably explains why we came to the same place for lunch and dinner on Monday.

Saturday was the hen party day. :D We were really quite decorous, even though we imbibed at the afternoon tea and then ventured into Soho for the cabaret show. We of course managed to forget that it was the Gay Pride day and it WAS AWESOME. Not forgetting, but discovering it as we walked though Soho. Added to it was the fact that when a couple of us came out of the club, where the show was, for a smoke, Stephen Fry passed by us holding hands with a pretty young guy. As one may imagine we were extremely excited and squeed like idiots. XD

Sunday was a quiet day, we did a little shopping and retired home early. London does exhaust me a lot despite its awesomeness. >.<

On Monday, I saw my lawyer, had lunch, as I mentioned above at the Cinnamon Club, came home for a rest and a change of clothes and went back to the Cinnamon Club with two other friends. IDEK. One of them brought her boyfriend with us. OMG. While we weren't exactly a crazy bunch, the conversation became merry very fast. When the waiter brought us some complimentary sweets (an assortment of truffles) with our dessert, we started naming them:

- This one is George Osborne. Dark and delicious.
- And this is Ed. He looks weird.
- Which one's Clegg then?
- The saddest one.
- Oh we need a Cameron.

We had to name the decorative rose petal Cameron in the end. Earlier in the evening we were actually having a much more sensible political discussion, but at this point it was double entendre all the way. "Do you like George?" "Mmm, he's delicious." / "Who ate Clegg? And what did he taste like?!" 

The boyfriend's comment was my favourite though. He shared a truffle with his girlfriend and when she asked why, he sais: "It's like the coalition. I'm Cameron, you're Clegg."

At the table next to ours two Americans were struggling to choose something from the menu, and one of them regaled the other with stories of trying Indian food in Omaha, Nebraska. Somewhere close by people were talking about the Greek bail-out. I think I ruined their appetites by pressing red rose petals to my cheeks and quoting Cameron on giving pleasure to Mrs. Bone. I may have been quite drunk at the time.

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Apparently I'm in a sci-fi & fantasy period. Huh.

Today is the second day I'm having to pretty much spend sitting at home, since bloody delivery companies are not delivering stuff on time. My poor mom was quite disappointed since she ordered some flowers for me to come on Monday and they only came yesterday afternoon. My fiance's facing the same problem, I'm hoping flowers from him arrive today, cause while I can afford staying at home today, tomorrow I have lectures (and we'll be starting Marketing, which I am excited about XD )

Last weekend (29/30) I was in London, saw quite a few of my friends from uni and stayed with two who I went to school with. On Sunday my pumpkin came down for the day, so we could go out to my pre-birthday lunch with my friends ( I counted 4 lawyers at the table, aaargh XD ), then we went to China town for bubble tea (love!) and raided Foyle's. :D

One my of school friends I stayed with is the furthest from being a geek as is humanly possible has been initiated into World of Warcraft a month ago. She is now only 20 levels behind my main character and I've been playing for a while. XD She gave me the new WoW add-on and a beginner's textbook for learning Mandarin: I think she's tired of me only knowing several words and phrases in Chinese (though I think knowing how to say "help me!" and "sexual harassment" is very important ;D) and wants me to learn some everyday phrases, possibly since I'm hoping to go with her to China next year and her parents don't speak any English. :)

Gonna make cheesecake today, maybe a friend will come over to eat it. Looking forward to Friday: booked a table at my fav French place for a b-day dinner. :D Until then it's lectures and watching "The West Wing" (which is completely awesome) and the first two seasons of X-Files (they are too XD ).  And playing with my yellow rubber duck.
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On 27th of December my fiance and I flew to Russia for New Year. Let me tell you people, I don't know how it is for others, but in my case having an ex-military fiance who still has atavistic/irrational fears of KGB is pretty hilarious. As we were landing I mimed attaching electrodes to him and made "Bzzzt" sounds. It was childish. I loled a lot.

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My pumpkin's quote of the week: "My nipple is on a training poster." That there is reason enough to marry that man. XDD
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OMG, my neighbours middle name is Louis, which makes his full name Robert Louis Stevenson. XDDD ... I dunno why I am so amused by this, >.>
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Vienna is AWESOME! :D Though tiring... >.> Report with pictures to follow. :DD

Phrase of the day: "Soup with quarks - yummy!"


Jul. 1st, 2010 04:05 am
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My badassitudeness knows no bounds when it comes to lame. Last night at training:

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On the Congress of Vienna:

Alexander of Russia: loves for all
Frederick William of Prussia: thinks for all
Frederick of Denmark: speaks for all
Maximillian of Bavaria: drinks for all
Frederick of Wurttemberg: eats for all
Emperor Francis of Austria: pays for all

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Today at the bar I've remembered the funniest story from my uni days. XD Perhaps, I've told it before to some of you, but here goes.

In the fourth year, our Uni established its own radio and my russian friend and me started doing a weekly show. Once, with 15 mins to go until the end our mutual friend, Barry, came to pick us up. We told him to sit quietly in the studio with us and once the song was over went back on air.

It was time for my russian friend to introduce the last topic: that of some trout (?) farm in Ireland suffering great losses because of jellyfish attacks. I must say that we made our notes for the show in Russian, so on air we basically had to translate into English sometimes. I am waiting for my friend to introduce this story when... yes, he forgets how to say jellyfish and English and instead, automatically says medusas which is the Russian for jellyfish plus the plural English "s". I apologised to the audience (the radio show was transmitted throughout all the public uni areas) and realised that I don't remember how to say jellyfish in English either. So I turned to Barry.

"Barry, how do you call in English these things with thin long tentacles?" said I. Or at least that's what I wanted to say. Instead it was: "Barry, how do you call in English these things with thin long testicles?"

Of course the three of us howled with laughter, the fact that we were still on air, all but forgotten. To finish things off, through the laughter, I managed to exclaim to my russian friend: "I can't believe you made me say testicles on air, you fuck!"

UPD: Also, I have been up since yesterday's morning and I had lots of cider, forgive the typos if there are many. XD *feels numb*
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While on a break from further adventures of Marco and Cato (whom I'm gonna slash if it kills me), I amused myself by reading some Russian jokes translated into English. XD

A Communist died and since he was an honest man albeit atheist, he was sentenced to rotate spending one year in Hell and one year in Heaven. One year passed and Satan said to God : "Take this man as fast as possible, because he turned all my young demons into Young Pioneers, I have to restore some order." Another year passed, Satan meets God again and tells him : "Lord God, it's my turn now." God replied : "First of all, don't call me Lord God, but instead Comrade God; second, there is no God; and one more thing - don't distract me or I'll be late to the Party meeting."

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It's weird how I hate Martha Fiennes's Onegin movie, but don't bat an eyelash when I see Onegin/Lensky slash. *sigh*

Quote of the day (translated from Russian):

1: Napoleon was defeated [
in 1812] during a relatively warm time of the year: the temperature was rarely lower than -5 C.
2: - 5 C is lower than Napoleon's freezing point. You should really learn physics.
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I finally know what my motto is! "I came, I saw, I perved" Now, what is it in Latin? XD
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Hallomeme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] openidwouldwork
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Oct. 8th, 2009 10:44 pm
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Apparently Wellington and slash do own me. This little dialogue just popped into my brain moments ago, when I was thinking about the Nanowrimo thing. It takes place between two main characters and I kind of randomly imagine them having it on some spaceship during off duty hours (just think about Kirk and Spock playing 3D chess). XD

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I am sure everyone knows what ig Nobel prizes are all about. If not, it's simply prizes given out every year for the most "curious" research. In my fourth year at uni when my friend and I were DJs at our uni radio we actually talked about those prizes quite a lot. Just a few days ago the prizes for 2009 were handed out and I was drawn to re-reading the list of the winners of the past years. OMG, I love these people, seriously. :D

My personal favs of 2009:

CHEMISTRY PRIZE: Javier Morales, Miguel Apátiga, and Victor M. Castaño of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, for creating diamonds from liquid — specifically from tequila. (Srsly, why waste tequila this way?! )

MEDICINE PRIZE: Donald L. Unger, of Thousand Oaks, California, USA, for investigating a possible cause of arthritis of the fingers, by diligently cracking the knuckles of his left hand — but never cracking the knuckles of his right hand — every day for more than sixty (60) years. (The dedication... He has it. O_o )

PUBLIC HEALTH PRIZE: Elena N. Bodnar, Raphael C. Lee, and Sandra Marijan of Chicago, Illinois, USA, for inventing a brassiere that, in an emergency, can be quickly converted into a pair of protective face masks, one for the brassiere wearer and one to be given to some needy bystander. ( I WANT ONE!)

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Bruises? Scratches? Yes, I have them! Oh, the joys of horse riding! *tries to look at her rear* Oh, and I fell off my horse today. Well, not exactly. I brushed him, I saddled him, led him out and forgot to tighten the girth before mounting. Yeah, the moment I got my foot in the stirrup and tried to mount whoosh! went the saddle and ouch! went my bum. XD I was not awake this morning.
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I do love Rex Stout and his Archie Goodwin! :D 

"I hadn't go much from it, because I was in no condition to worry about collating evidence, on account of my mind being taken up wih the problem of getting Nero Wolfe undressed. At home, of course, he did it himself, and equally of  course I wasn't under contract as a valet  - being merely secretary, bodyguard, office manager, assistant detective, and goat - but the fact remained that in two hours it would be midnight, and there he was with his pants on, and someone was going to have to figure out a way of getting them off without upsetting the train. No that he was clumsy, but he had practically no practice at balancing himself while on a moving vehicle, and to pull pants from under him as he lay was out of he question, since he weighed something between 250 and a ton."

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I learned one thing last night. Don't shout in a room full of not sober people: "Give me some ideas! I have no inspiration!". Especially, when they know that you want to write about Wellington. Belly dancing was probably the sanest suggestion. Though of course it immediately called for the question of whether it would come before or after the sex scene. ( Yes, I totally told everyone about that sex scene in an Indian pool XD ) Wellington's eyebrows had nothing on mine, when I was treated to a show of undulating male, who suggested it should be done DURING the sex scene. XDDDD
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*Anna is partying with a group of new acquaintances, a bottle of "The Iron Duke's N1 London Brandy Liquer" is front of her, someone is complimenting her interest in history. Anna snorts*
'You think I am interested in Wellington because he was so interesting a person?' *runs hands over her own leg and drawls* 'Nooo, it's because he was so pretty and wore skin tight breeches' *they are referenced in quite a few jokes later on* XDDD


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