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Now that Merlin's new season started (and can I just say, OMG! ), it is time for me to round up all the new seasons' start dates (at least for the series I watch). :D

17/09/10 - QI
20/09/10 - Castle
20/09/10 - Chuck
20/09/10 - House
21/09/10 - NCIS: LA
21/09/10 - NCIS
22/09/10 - Criminal Minds
2309/10 - The Big Bang Theory
23/09/10 - Bones
23/09/10 - CSI
23/09/10 - Mentalist
24/09/10 - Supernatural
24/09/10 - CSI: NY
24/09/10 - Good Guys
28/09/10 - Stargate Universe
01/10/10 - Human Target
10/11/10 - Psych

UPDATE: Also new series I'd like to try:

15/09 - Outlaw
20/09 - Chase
20/09 - Hawaii Five-O
20/09 - The Event
22/09 - The Defenders
22/09 - Undercovers


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Now, that I've (finally) got space for lots of pretty icons I actually thought about how many fandoms I have. And... WOW. x _ x And I've decided to write them all down. You can have a look under the cut. They are divided by medium (book, tv series, movie) and in those cases where the fandom spans more than one, I've put their names under the medium heading that 'started it all'!  (And I shan't even mention Russian language fandoms, well except one, which is available in English XD).

I'm sure I've missed some. *sigh*
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UPD: I just realised I have three Agatha Christie's Poirot DVDs in duplicate. They are: 'Mysterious Affair at Styles', The Kidnapped Prime Minister/The Adventure of the Western Star', 'The Plymouth Express/Wasp's Nest' .  If any of you lovely people on my f-list want them, drop me a line, I can send them to you by post.

And the prize DVDs go to [personal profile] latin_cat 
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Title: Summer                           
Author: le_russe_satan
Pairings: Danny/Don
Rating: M
Warnings: none

“Hey, Crime-stopper, how’s it going?” - Danny catches up with Flack as the man is making his way out of the CSI labs. Flack’s face is grim; his jaw seemingly more square than usual.
“Fucking amazing. Captain is threatening to fire my ass if we don’t catch this guy” – they are outside the building now and Flack is lighting a cigarette, taking such a vicious first drag, Danny is afraid he’s going to smoke half a fag with it.
“Shit. The jackass has no right to do that! I mean it’s not like every case is solved, plus you’re the best Detective NYPD has, if you can’t solve the case, who can?” – Danny reaches out to pat his friend’s shoulder, who’s making an unsuccessful attempt at a grateful smile.
 Averting his eyes from Danny’s face, Don takes another drag on the cigarette, than looks straight into the blonde’s concerned blue eyes.
“You guys can. You fucking have to. Not for me Danny. For the kids”, - with that Flack walks off to his car. Danny knows that tonight Don will get so wasted he probably won’t even remember this conversation, but he makes a promise to Don. A promise to catch the guy whatever the cost.
 Five minutes later Danny is back at the lab, laying out crime scene photos on a huge white table. He’s not sure what he hopes to find, he’s not sure there’s anything to find. Twenty minutes of staring at the pictures has only one result: the memories, the first impressions of the crime scene are refreshed to such a point he can replay it like a horror movie in his head. He closes his eyes remembering in almost perfect detail what happened almost two weeks ago.
All the CSIs are called out to the scene that night, but he’s the first one to arrive after Mac and Don. A long elevator ride deposits him at the last floor of the skyscraper. Last but certainly not least. As he steps out of the elevator Danny feels as if he just found himself in a palace. The last floor actually takes up three floors. It’s unusually quiet: there’re no sounds of the usual crime scene processing activity. The policemen that stand guard in the corridor look like ghostly statues: the barely look up at Danny flashing his badge. Without meeting Danny’s eyes one of the guards points to one of the doors, which is weirdly enough closed. Messer has to suppress an urge to knock on the door before he walks in.
 In all the years that he worked for the CSI, it’s the first time that Danny feels the bile rise in his throat as he looks upon what used to be a living room not such a long time ago. He has to run back into the corridor followed by Mac’s and Don’s worried glances. Fortunately Danny manages to snatch a paper bag from the policeman closest to living room entrance. Danny pukes his guts out. Not once. The spasms don’t seize even after all his food is out. When they do stop and Danny’s brain doesn’t start processing information straight away. He’s trembling: both from adrenaline rush and fear. His instincts tell him to run. His vision is blurry and his head is spinning. Then suddenly someone is holding him, saying something quietly, soothingly. After what seems like an eternity calms down enough to start taking in his surroundings. He is pressed tight against Flack, crumpling his friend’s shirt with death griplike hold of his hands. Don is still whispering to him, one hand around his waist, the other rubbing his back in a circular motion. The weird thing is that those who are looking at them don’t look with accusation or disdain: they are looking with what seems to be understanding and perhaps compassion.
 Danny sighs and with that sigh the last tremors and tension leave him. He practically becomes limp in Don’s hands, burying his face in detective’s neck. He doesn’t care if it looks improper, he just want to stay like that forever, in Don’s arms, feeling safe, feeling protected. But he can’t allow himself that luxury. Reluctantly he lets go of Don’s shirt. It seems to Danny that Don lets him go just as reluctantly, but this is not the time to dwell on it.
 Danny makes a move to pick up his abandoned kit as Don asks whether he’ll be ok going back in.
“No, but I have to”, - Don nods, obviously understanding that Danny has a job to do. They both have to do, but as they go back in, the brunette, doesn’t leave Danny’s side, waiting him to come terms with the crime scene in front of him. And Danny wishes he could tell Don how grateful he is for that. For feeling the heat of Flack’s body next to him, for the light brush of their arms – the invisible wall keeping the horror at bay. 
 There are four bodies: a man and a woman in their late forties, early fifties, a girl in her early twenties and a teenaged boy. And there is blood. So much blood. It’s sweetish metallic smell is so strong, Danny can practically taste it. He realizes that it wasn’t so much the grisly spectacle that scared the hell out of him, but the ‘fragrance’ of blood. He was like an animal that smelled carnage. Later on Flack confesses that he hurled his dinner too.
 As Danny predicted Flack did get wasted. The only unexpected thing is that Flack is now fast asleep on Danny’s couch. Danny knows it’s wrong to take advantage of his friend, but he can’t resist it: he bends over Don’s sleeping form and kisses him lightly on the cheek.
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Title: Prague Spring                          
Author: le_russe_satan
Pairings: Danny/Don
Rating: PG-13, some swearing.
Warnings: none

 The charity ball has just started but Danny already feels bored and annoyed. His tuxedo feels like it’s two sizes smaller, he has no date, Stella and Mac are talking to the mayor, there’s nothing stronger than champagne to be had and where the hell is Flack?! Danny scopes the room probably for the third time in the last minute but his best friend is nowhere to be seen. Danny decides to leave the bloody event if Don does not show up in the next ten minutes, though Stella and Mac are going to tear him a new one for doing that. Leave it to Flack to suddenly appear in the midst of the festive crowd exactly nine minutes later. Leave it to him to pay no attention to Danny standing all by himself. Leave it to him to smile dazzlingly at some pretty brunette in such a way that Danny’s guts twist with anger and jealousy. Danny downs his champagne in one go and makes way towards Don.
“Hey, Messer” – Don is smiling at him. Maybe not as dazzlingly as at the goddamn brunette who’s hovering nearby, but with such warmth that most of Danny’s anger dissipates like bubbles from champagne.
“Couldn’t come over and say hi, Flack? What took you so long anyway?” – Danny’s tone is jocular, yet Don picks up the undercurrent of leftover irritation.
“Whoa, Danny, relax. I got held up with the case report. Anyway, I thought you’d be with Lindsay” – the moment the words are out, Don realizes he shouldn’t have said them, though he can’t, for the love of God, understand why. Danny tenses up as if preparing for a fight and his stare tries to bore holes in Flack’s skull.
“Why would I be with her?”
“Er… I thought you guys were dating or something…”- Don barely supresses the urge to step back from Messer.  
“We are not. You’d know if you weren’t so absorbed in your ‘socialite’ girlfriend!” – Danny practically hisses the word girlfriend.
“Oh, so it’s me who’s absorbed, is it?! I dumped her like two months ago!”
People are starting to throw concerned and curious glances their way, but thankfully their accusation match does not escalate into something more violent. After a few moments the reality of revelations hits them both like a hammer. Danny is the first to speak:
“Why’d dump her? She seemed nice”
“She wasn’t…she wasn’t the one I’d like to get seriously involved with” – Don almost winces as he says that. Pictures of the failed relationship flash in his mind. He started dating the girl to cure himself of his lust for Danny, but the longer they stayed together the worse it got. In the last few weeks before finally working up the courage for breaking up, Don couldn’t even bring himself to have sex with her. “So, what about you and Lindsay?”
“Well, she turned out to be quite different from what I expected” – oh, yeah quite different. She definitely wasn’t Flack, the selfish bitch. Danny knows he should have kept quiet, but downing 4 glasses of champagne in twenty minutes was not the best idea, so looking straight into Flack’s eyes he says: “ Besides, my heart was already taken, I just didn’t realize that at the time”.
  Don is stunned by Danny’s confession and confused at the way Danny stares at him. He wishes Danny would stop for there’s such heat in the man’s eyes that Don starts to feel aroused.
“Oh…” – it comes out almost a whisper as Don starts to loose control over his voice.
 Danny notices his friend’s discomfort but attributes it to something else entirely. He nearly slaps himself. Why the hell did he stare at Don like that? The guy is probably freaked out and will avoid him the rest of his life. Danny knows though why he stared at Flack as if he was going to wrestle the detective to the floor and make Don fuck him until he can barely walk. It’s Don who fills his heart and no relationship will work until Danny gets over him.
  Thankfully Stella and Mac come up to greet Don and save them from whatever would have been the follow up to the previous conversation. No more than ten minutes later there’s no more uneasiness between them, and both have no idea how that is possible.
  Perhaps there are too many people in the hall and that’s why Danny and Don are standing closer than they ever have before, their arms touching as they watch the speaker go up to the podium. And perhaps everyone around them is speaking a bit too loudly, an effect of free alcohol, and that what makes Don lower his head closer to Danny’s to speak, his hot breath ghosting over Danny’s ear. Perhaps they drank too much champagne and it makes them smile at nothing at particular as they listen to the speech. Or perhaps, unbeknownst to them things are taking a turn for the better.
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Title: Spring: First Flowers                    
Author: le_russe_satan
Pairings: Danny/Don
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
 Stella and Danny are crouching next to the body. It’s a young beautiful woman of no more than twenty five years old. There are no visible wounds on her body and although her skin is pale due to pallor mortis, no other signs of death are present. Her posture is relaxed and it looks as if the girl just fell asleep here, amid the tulip flowerbeds.
“This could be a suicide”, - finally speaks Stella.
“What makes you think so?” – Danny doesn’t look at Stella, he is somehow entranced by the vision in front of him.
“Well, she looks so peaceful, and the scenery is so poetic. All these flowers, all these tulips, none of which look damaged, so it looks like there was no struggling involved. And even if it was a body dump, why bother bringing the body to Conservatory Gardens and placing it in the middle of tulip display?”
“Maybe it was a poetic kind of murder”.
 Danny and Stella move away from the body, giving space for the M.E, but none of them is in a hurry to start processing the scene. With their backs to the D.B, they look over the field of tulips around them, swaying gently in early morning breeze.
“Perhaps the tulip know the fickleness
Of Fortune's smile, for on her stalk's green shaft
She bears a wine cup through the wilderness” – recites Stella in a quiet voice.
“Hm, never heard you spout random poems at crime scenes before. You ok, Stella?” – Danny is smirking, waiting for Stella to justify herself, but she just smiles.
“Well, you said yourself, that if it’s murder, it’s a poetic one. Anyway, I probably remember it only because it’s so short and is very useful for teasing a certain someone”.
“Huh? Don’t tell me your boyfriend reads poetry to you”.
“Oh, no nothing like that. It’s Flack”, - Stella chuckles at the surprised expression blossoming on Danny’s face.
“Yeah, well, don’t tell him I told you, but once when we were out to a crime scene shortly before my birthday, I let it slip that my favorite flower is tulip, so he gave me a huge bouquet of them for my birthday, and on the card attached to it he wrote that poem”
“I can’t believe Flack would do something like that”, - Danny is shaking his head in disbelief, at the same time trying to deny that it’s jealousy clawing at his heart. Don and Stella are just friends, he tells himself.
“I couldn’t myself, so I teased the hell out of him, before he admitted that he ordered the flowers the night before my birthday, and than he got drunk, with you by the way, so when he came home he had a brilliant idea of signing the card, so he searched the net for a suitable ‘tulip’ poem”.
 Danny laughed at that: Flack was known to do silly things when he got drunk, but the pangs of jealousy, though less painful, still didn’t go away.
* * *
 It was past midnight, but Don could not sleep. As was customary past few weeks, thoughts of Danny were bothering him. Earlier that day, when he and Danny both finished their shifts and stood outside the NYPD building, having a smoke, the blonde had to go and question his embarrassing escapade of signing Stella’s birthday bouquet with a poem. After that, out of the blue, Danny told Flack that his mom’s favorite flower was white lily as to her it signified purity and innocence. At the time it filled him with such warmth to hear Danny share something so intimate with him, but what worried Flack, was his own behavior. He wanted to share something with Danny too, but couldn’t find the words, and when Danny asked him to join him for drinks at the bar, Flack refused, giving some absurd excuse and went home.
 Suddenly, Flack was jolted out of his reverie by the ring of the door bell. Pulling on a t-shirt, he went to the door, wondering who in hell that could be.
 It was Danny. Surprisingly sober Danny.
“Messer, what are you doing here?” – Flack stepped away from the door, letting his friend come in.
“We need to talk”, - Danny didn’t sit down, but started pacing the living room.
“What about?” – Don watched Danny move with no small amount of worry and anticipation.
A few paces later, Danny stopped and faced Flack.
“Flack, what the hell is wrong with you lately?”
Don barely suppressed a nervous gulp. Could it be that Danny noticed that Flack had something far more than friendly feelings towards him?
“Whatever do you mean, Messer?” – under the intent gaze of Danny’s blue eyes, Flack couldn’t help but avert his eyes.
“Well, for past two weeks you refuse to go out drinking or hang out with me. You never did that before. Plus you always give me some flimsy excuses. Come on Flack, we’ve been friends for so long. If you are in a serious relationship, why are you hiding it? Or if the problem is with me, why don’t you want to sort it out?” – As his monologue progresses, Danny steps closer and closer to Don.
 “It’s not anything you’ve done”, - oh what a lie, thinks Don. He refused to go out with Danny simply because his feeling were so overwhelming, so bottled up, he was afraid to drink in Danny’s company, scared that he would something to Danny about his feelings, scared that he would do something stupid like kiss the blonde’s tempting mouth.
“So who’s she?” – Danny thinks that Don’s answer might break his heart, but he has to know.
“No one, I just.. Listen I’m sorry, Danny, it’s just that I needed some time by myself”
Danny’s eyes narrow with suspicion, but Don’s apology sounds genuine and the fact that he called him Danny, which happened rarely enough, made Messer drop his interrogation. For now.
“Well, ok, I’ll believe you this time”- with that Danny is making his way to the front door, but Flack block his way.
“Stay. We’ll have a drink. Let me make it up to you” – Flack’s voice has just the right amount of pleading in it to make Danny agree to that plan, though he’d much rather prefer Don making it up to him in some other way. Don pours some whisky for them and handing a glass to Danny, he says with a shy smile:
“My mother’s favorite flowers were forget-me-nots. She said their color reminded her of my eyes, but if you tell someone about this, Messer, you are dead meat”.
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Title: Spring                          
Author: le_russe_satan
Pairings: Danny/Don
Rating: PG-13, some swear words.
Warnings: none

Danny is the first csi to arrive at the scene. The street is teeming with police, witnesses and people who have nothing better to do than watch a crime scene being processed. Danny ducks under the crime scene tape and showing his badge, enquires:
“Hey, where is the detective in charge of the investigation?”
Danny walks into the ransacked bar. There is broken furniture and shattered glass all over the place, not to mention blood spatter. In the middle of it all is Detective Flack taking notes, standing with his back towards the exit.
“What’s up, Flack?” – calls out Danny, but Flack doesn’t turn to answer.
“A random shooting and a stabbing, that occurred during that. Someone didn’t let the opportunity go to waste”, - Flack’s voice sounds a bit woozy and shaky, and Danny not waiting for Flack to turn around, comes up to him.
 “Shit, Flack, what the hell happened to you?! You look like you were right in the middle of this shooting." There’s a bruise starting to form on Flack’s face, a graze on his forehead, that hasn’t stopped bleeding yet, and there’s blood on Flack’s shirt.
“As matter of fact I was”, - Flack does not look up from his notes, but Danny notices a slight contortion of Flack’s facial muscles and hears a sharp intake of breath.
“Flack, why aren’t you getting some medical attention? You’re obviously hurt” – the crime scene is temporarily forgotten as Danny’s attention is focused on his friend.
“It’s just a bruise and a small cut, Messer. I’ll be fine” – Danny knows better than to annoy Flack when he is in this mood, but as he bends to put his kit case on the floor, Danny notices Flack’s hand go up to his left side and a harsh gasp escapes from Flack.
“It doesn’t look to me like you are fine, Flack” – Danny straightens and looks right into Don’s eyes.
“Messer…”, - starts to protest Don, but suddenly Danny pulls the sides of his jacket to uncover a blood stain on Don’s left side, that does not look like something simple splatter would produce.
“Let me go, Messer!” – cries Flack, but Danny is already ripping his shirt open, and Don just doesn’t have the strength to fight him now.
“Fuck! What the fuck were you thinking? Are you out of your mind?!” – Danny is angry beyond words and he really wants to slap Flack for being so stupid. There’s a haphazard patch just below Don’s ribs, through which blood has already started to seep through and it certainly looks like Don made it himself. Danny rips the patch off. Thankfully the cut is not deep, but is rather long and blood starts to flow slowly out of it, as Danny stares speechless, not believing his eyes.
“Like what you see, Messer?” – Flack’s voice is very quiet and tired.
“Flack, this needs stitching, you are coming with me”, - Danny grabs Don’s arm and is dragging him to the exit.
“What about the scene?”
“Hawkes will be here soon”
They are outside, a few policemen look at them with surprise, but as they notice blood on Flack’s side, they let them leave the crime scene without any questions asked. There are still paramedics on the scene, and Flack gets stitched up quickly. After the procedure is done, Flack buttons his shirt up and is just about to make his way back to the scene, as he is yet again grabbed by Danny.
“What do you want now, Messer?”
“You are so coming with me, Flack”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m taking you home and I’m not letting you out of the flat, even if I have to handcuff you to the bed. You need to rest”.
Even tired and injured Don cannot suppress a shiver that runs through him at the idea of being handcuffed by Danny. He doesn’t struggle anymore, he’s too tired to even think about the crime scene, and when Danny circles his arm around Don’s waist to help him walk to the car, he does not refuse the help, though he does not really need it. Leaning into Danny, Don in turn drapes his right arm across Danny’s shoulders and due to the difference in heights the side of Danny’s face is just centimeters away from pressing into Don’s neck.
 Danny helps Don into the passenger seat, but a part of him wishes that they could keep walking, entwined like that. Although there was a sickly sweet smell of blood coming from Don, Danny distinguished the man’s own scent under it, and it took him a huge effort not to press his nose against Don’s skin and breath in that scent until it was so firmly imprinted in his memory, that he would hallucinate it. But even those faint traces he caught were so much better than the fresh smell of spring that hung about the Central Park that morning.
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Title: Winter: Thaw                       
Author: le_russe_satan
Pairings: Danny/Don
Rating: M
Warnings: none

“Gosh, I do like what you’ve done with your hair, Flack”, - Danny is leaning against the hall wall, giggling like a girl, waiting for Don to open the door.

“Remind me again, what are you doing at my place, Messer?” – Don is pissed off big time, but as he hiccups at the end of his speech, Danny promptly fails to be scared and goes, or rather stumbles, into his friend’s flat almost doubled up with laughter. As Flack hits the lights switch and throws his shoes and jacket off, Danny calms down a little.

“Well, I figured that as the night is quite young and I want to get even drunker I’d come with you. I’m following the booze scent, Flack”

“Don’t you have any at home?”

“Nope”, - Danny drops ungracefully onto the couch, obviously waiting to be served, but Flack has something else in my mind.

“Clothes off, Messer”, - states Flack starting to unbutton his own shirt.

“Eh?” – Danny is staring up at him, eyes glazed over.

“Clothes off! You are fucking dripping on my carpet and my couch!”.

“Oh…but what am I gonna wear?” – even as Danny asks that, he is already on his feet, swaying gently and starting to take his belt off.

“You should’ve thought about that when you took me to that god-forsaken club! I cannot believe you forced me into the middle of the dance floor JUST before they were about to start the fucking foam party!”, - Flack punctuates the end of the sentence by throwing his wet shirt at Danny, but misses.

 Danny is laughing again, pants falling off, as he already undid his belt and zipper. Despite being drunk, Don cannot help but glance at Danny’s crotch. Well, stare actually. It doesn’t help that Danny’s boxers are also wet and are clinging to him in a most revealing manner.

“Christ, Flack, there were notices with letters like what, a meter high, that said “Foam party tonight”, and you didn’t notice?”

 Don just groans and walks out of the living room. Danny tries to follow, but nearly falls over his own pants and it takes him a few moments to take them off along with the socks. By that time, Flack is back in the room with a bundle of clothes.

“Here, take this, you can wear them tonight, but you are so paying for the laundry!”

“Oh, Flacky, you think I am that dirty?”

As Danny bats his eyelashes at him, Don thinks that he’ll probably keep the clothes unwashed because he is that much obsessed with the blonde.

“Whatever. Put these on, and get us a drink while I’m changing”, - handing the clothes to Danny, Flack lives the room again, followed by the shouts of “Hey, why so bossy?” and “Your boxers are a bit big for me, don’t you think?”, which make him sigh in exasperation. When, having changed, Don comes back into the living room; Danny is rummaging in his cupboard, humming something in Italian. And, oh god, Danny is bending over, and Flack just wants to go and stroke his ass.

“Hey, Flack, you got Coke?”, - Danny looks over his shoulder at Flack, and its probably the most erotic thing Flack has seen in ages.

“Yeah, I think so”.

“Great, I found rum! Go get it.”

 About a quarter of the rum bottle later, Don finds his cigarettes and walk over to the window. He opens it, letting the street noise in along with the cold air. Suddenly there is a click of the light switch and the lights go off in the room, and Danny is right next to him.

“What the hell, Messer?”

“I noticed it started snowing, I wanted to see it, there was no snow on Christmas, the January thaw came way too early this year”, - Danny puts his hands against the window and leans out.

“I would have never taken you for such a romantic” – drawls Flack.

Danny turns towards Flack a bit too quickly for his alcohol-infused body to process, and stumbled into his friend. Without thinking Don grabs Danny’s waist to steady him.

“You ok, Danny?”

“Yeah, I just hate when people call me romantic”.

Flack’s hand is still on his waist, and there’s a slightly amused, affectionate expression on Flack’s face as he looks down on Danny, and Danny wishes for the moment to continue forever, but this is not Christmas, when presents are given, and Don lets go of Danny, leaving a patch of heated flesh behind, and looks out of the window, his face unreadable. The snowfall is heavier now: the thaw is definitely over.



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Title: Winter: Blizzard                        
Author: le_russe_satan
Pairings: Danny/Don
Rating: M
Warnings: none

Winter: Blizzard

It’s been two weeks since Don and Danny stopped talking to each other. Well, they do talk when their cases force them to, but they try to avoid even that. Even the most oblivious people in the lab have noticed that, and many have suffered some form of verbal abuse from either Flack or Messer, trying to find out what happened between the friends. To be honest, neither of them would be able to explain why they pretended the other did not exist: Danny just didn’t understand what happened and Don was just too embarrassed to tell.

 It’s been two weeks of hell for Don. Two weeks of wanting to apologize but not finding the courage, of trying to forget but remembering every minute, of wanting to go and fuck some girl but ending up masturbating to the images of Danny.

 It’s also been two weeks of winter in New York.

 It’s late. The night shift has already come in, even Mac and Stella have left, but Danny is still working. Flack knows it as he passed by the lab section, where Danny is working, pretending to be looking for Mac. Danny did not even look up at Flack.

 About half an hour later, Flack is gets into his car, his hair and coat wet from the melting snow. Tonight there is a blizzard and as he turns the radio on, the DJ is telling to avoid driving or if forced do so very carefully. Don lits a cigarette and waits for the engine to warm up. He does not like his car smelling of smoke, but it’s too cold outside and too much snow to think about opening the window.

  About halfway through the cigarette, Flack’s gaze is drawn towards the entrance of the csi lab building. A huddled form emerges. It’s Danny. Flack can’t really see his face or clothes, but somehow he is sure that it is Danny, who’s walking through the heavily falling snow. “All at once you saw her, there in the winter light”, - states the singer, and though Danny is not a girl, it’s still an uncanny coincidence.

  What surprises Flack is that he can’t see Danny’s car anywhere, and sure enough, Danny is walking away from the building, away from the car park. Flack’s gets out of the car so quickly, he trips and nearly falls down.

“Messer! Hey, Messer!”

Danny is quite far, but he hears Flack. His first thought is to keep going, but there’s such urgency in Flack’s voice, that Danny stops. Flack is approaching him, his coat unbuttoned.

“Messer, where’s your car?”

“What’s that to you?” - Danny is little taken aback by the question, but manages to sound, oh, so offended.

“I…I just wanted to offer you a ride home”.

Danny forgets his anger for he never heard Flack stumble over words or saw him look shy. After several moments of silence Danny starts walking towards Flack’s car, telling himself that he only agreed to it so as to get home comfortably. The first few minutes in the car they do not talk or look at each other. Well, Danny does steal one glance at Flack, noticing how the wet strands of hair are plastered against the man’s forehead. The first to break the silence is Danny. He complains about the music.

“What the hell is this shit?!”

Don briefly glances at Danny before replying. It’s difficult to keep amusement out of his voice despite being nervous for Danny is pouting.

“I dunno. Change the station if you want”.

The rest of the way nothing is said and Don is grateful for it, as driving in a blizzard is not exactly easy in itself, not to mention trying to explain to his friend, why he acted like a complete jackass. Finally they reach Danny’s house. Dropping a curt “thanks”, Danny reaches for the door handle, but Don puts a hand on his shoulder.

“Messer…Danny, I’m sorry”.

The blonde looks at Flack, who looks amazingly like a sick puppy, and cannot help but smile. And seeing that smile Don feels like he’s floating and he can’t find his voice, so its left to Danny to speak.

“You wanna come up? I have beer”.

As they get out of the car and head for the apartment, Danny is chattering away about Aiden’s antics, and his cases of the past two weeks, and the snow is white and fluffy, and Don barely stops himself from brushing it off Danny’s hair as they get into the building.

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Title: Winter                            
Author: le_russe_satan
Pairings: Danny/Don
Rating: M
Warnings: none


Oh, yes, yes, Don. Sweet Jesus, Don...

Flack is jolted awake by the shrill ring of his alarm clock. The first thing he does is curse. He dreamt of Danny again and again he woke up horny. As he finds his way to the bathroom, Flack recalls the way how real Danny’s skin felt in his dream, how beautiful he was naked, whispering Flack’s name, begging for more. Trying to banish the images from his mind does not work, and he ends up jerking off in the shower, hating himself for being so pathetic, for falling for his co-worker, for dreaming about him. Flack is sure that Danny would never want him back and as he reflects upon it this morning while having his first cup coffee and a cigarette his mood becomes truly foul. On top of it all, the first thing he has to do when he gets to work is find Danny for an update on the case they are working on.

 The traffic is surprisingly light for New York this morning, and he arrives to lab earlier then usual to see it bustling with activity as the night shift is just leaving and the day shift is arriving. As he walks to the break-room to get a cup of coffee and to try and shake off the bad mood before meeting up with Danny, an excited male voice shouts his name. It’s Danny.

“Shit”, - mutters Flack, stopping and turning to face Messer.

“Hey, Flack”, - Danny is smiling.

Flack just grunts and continues on his way.

“Flack, what’s up? Had a bad night?”, - Danny is surprised by the stormy look on his friend’s face, and curiosity gets in the way of tactfulness.

“Yeah”, - Flack puts the coffee machine on, and as the black liquid starts to flow, there is a sweet, tangy smell of cardamom. Flack always had a knack for finding one of the technician’s good coffee stash.

“Oh? Well pour me some of that and tell me all!”

Usually Flack would do exactly that, but not today. Today is different. He surprises himself with the angry reply

“Bugger off”.

Danny looks at Flack surprised, not sure whether he really heard the anger in Flack’s voice.

“Flack, come on. It can’t be that bad”.

“Bugger off, Messer!” Flack is looking straight into Danny’s eyes, all his anger at himself transferred to Danny.

‘What the fuck, Flack?” Danny is Italian and he’s easily angered, but he tries to keep his voice calm.

“Nothing”, - Don is little embarrassed for lashing out at Danny like that, but sure as hell does not want to show it. He picks up his coffee cup and walks out of the room.

“Hey, Flack!” Danny is follows him out, wanting to find out what the hell just happened between them, but his friend just walks away down the corridor and Danny shouts his name again. Don does not turn, does not stop. He just keeps drinking coffee, waiting for Messer to stop calling after him. He is so absorbed in ignoring Danny and lab techs who are throwing curious glances towards them, that he does not hear Danny’s hurried footsteps and nearly splashes his coffee, when Danny grabs him by the arm.

“Stop right here, Flack. I don’t know what the fuck happened, but you’ve got no fucking right to treat me like that!”, - Danny’s eyes are blazing and he is still holding Don’s arm in a tight grip just above the elbow. Don’s angry again, but it doesn’t stop him from feeling uncomfortable at how close Danny is standing. So close in fact, that he can smell his cologne.

“Messer, let me go”.

Danny wants to hit Flack, when the guy growls at him like that, the scent of coffee, cardamom and cigarettes breathed right into Danny’s face. He doesn’t though. He lets Flack go and walks away.

 Flack stares after Danny at first with annoyance, then with a feeling of guilt, but he cannot find it in himself to go and apologize. He will do it later, after he’s had a cigarette. As he walks outside into the flurry of snow, everything looks grey. A car stops nearby and as the passenger gets out, Flack hears a sad woman’s voice singing on the radio, and before the door is shut, he makes out a few words that make him smile bitterly. Not in this life.




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