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Favourite books of the year are in bold.

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1. "It's not rocket science", Ben Miller
2. "The Somnambulist", Jonathan Barnes
3. "Monster", A. Lee Martinez
4. "Chronicles of a Curate", Fred Secombe
5. "Housekeeping Stories", Julia Vasilieva
6. "A girl for a hero or how I worked as a matchmaker", Elena Zvezdnaya
7. "Murdering Ministers," Alan Beechey
8. "Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation", Olivia Judson
9. "Sleep to Me", Olga Lukas
10. "Speaking from among the bones," Alan Bradley
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1. "It's not rocket science", Ben Miller
2. "The Somnambulist", Jonathan Barnes
3. "Monster", A. Lee Martinez
4. "Chronicles of a Curate", Fred Secombe
5. "Housekeeping Stories", Julia Vasilieva
6. "A girl for a hero or how I worked as a matchmaker", Elena Zvezdnaya
7. "Murdering Ministers," Alan Beechey
8. "Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation", Olivia Judson
9. "Sleep to Me", Olga Lukas
10. "Speaking from among the bones," Alan Bradley
11. "Points and Lines," Seicho Matsumoto
12. "Case for Three Detectives", Leo Bruce
13. "Cosmoecologists," Olga Gromyko
14. "What did you want from a witch?" Elena Nikitina
15. "Chronicles of a Vicar," Fred Secombe
16. "Invisible ink," Christopher Fowler
17. "Thus was Adonis murdered", Sarah Caudwell

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101. "An embarrassment of bodies," Alan Beechey
102. "Watson's Choice", Gladys Mitchell
103. "Dragon Scroll", I.J. Parker 
104. "Pro Bono", Seicho Matsumoto
105. "Herring Seller's Apprentice", L.C. Tyler
106. “Bryant and May off the Rails,” Christopher Fowler
107. “Bryant and May and the Memory of Blood”, Christopher Fowler
108. “Bryant and May and the Invisible Code,” Christopher Fowler
109. “Hell Train”, Christopher Fowler
110. “The Blade Itself”, Joe Abercrombie
111. “Casino Royale,” Ian Fleming
112. “Anno Dracula,” Kim Newman
113. “Top Gear Years,” Jeremy Clarkson
114. “Longer Bodies.” Gladys Mitchell

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87. "Full Dark House", Christopher Fowler
88. "For the sake of Elena", Elizabeth George
89. "Water Room", Christopher Fowler
90. "Seventy Seven Clocks", Christopher Fowler
91. "Shit My Dad Says", Justin Halpern
92. "Ten Point Staircase", Christopher Fowler
93. "White Corridor", Christopher Fowler
94. "The Victoria Vanishes", Christopher Fowler
95. "Ex Libris", Anne Fadiman
96. "Bryant and May on the loose", Christopher Fowler
97. "Rude Britannia", Tim Fountain
98. "Back Story", David Mitchell
99. "Horologicon", Mark Forsyth
100. "The Butcher's Boy", Thomas Perry
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67. "Is it really me? Oh, God!", Oleg Basilashvili
68. "Beware of the trains", Edmund Crispin
69. "Roman Nights", Dorothy Dunnett
70. "Journey to the centre of the Earth", Jules Verne
71. "A Word about words", L. Uspenskiy
72. "Woe from wit", A. Griboedov
73. "Eugene Onegin", A. Pushkin
74.  Selected Works, A. Chekhov.
75. "Dry bones that dream," Peter Robinson
76. "Well schooled in murder", Elizabeth George
77. "Death in holy orders," P. D. James
78. "The long dark tea time of the soul", Douglas Adams
79. "Unfinished Resume," E. Ryazanov
80. "Speedy Death," Gladys Mitchell
81. "Is that a fish in your ear", David Bellos
82. "A Suitable Vengeance," Elizabeth George
83. "Mysterious Affair at Styles," Agatha Christie
84. "Murder Room," P.D. James
85. "Wilt," Tom Sharpe
86. "Innocent graves," Peter Robinson.
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     53. “Rum Affair,” Dorothy Dunnett

     54. “Ibiza Surprise”, Dorothy Dunnett

     55. “Wages of Zen,” James Melville

     56. “Operation Nassau”, Dorothy Dunnett

     57. “Convergence of Circumstances,” A. Marinina

     58. “Whispers Underground”, Ben Aaronovitch

     59. “Coincidence Engine,” Sam Leith

     60. “Do we know Russian language?” M. Aksyonova

     61. “Wash this blood clean from my hand,” Fred Vargas

     62. “Violinist's thumb,” Sam Kean

     63. “Disappearing Spoon,” Sam Kean

     64. “Diary of the The Lady”, Rachel Johnson

     65. “Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now,” Craig Taylor

     66. “Stop me if you've heard this: A History and Philosophy of Jokes,” Jim Holt


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  1. “Operation Viking”, N. Leonov and Y. Kostrov

  2. “Shield and Sword: Book One” Vadim Kozhevnikov

  3. “Have Mercy on Us All”, Fred Vargas

  4. “Seeking Whom He May Devour”, Fred Vargas

  5. “Death and the Olive Grove”, Marco Vichi

  6. “Shield and Sword: Book Two,” Vadim Kozhevnikov

  7. “Keep Your Legs Crossed,” Denis Tsepov

  8. “Notes of the Psychiatrist,” Maksim Malyavin


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I hope everyone had lovely holidays and a good start to the new year! :D I myself just came back from Portugal on the 10th, where my mom took me for 8 days. :) We visited Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto and briefly Batalha and Obidos. :D Once I sort through the photos, I will give a fuller report.

Husband and I have started looking for a house and have a few possibles already, should be looking at some this weekend. God I can't wait to be reunited with all of my books, that are currently in storage.

Just one more book and it would've been an even  hundred, but Christmas and New Year got in the way. ;D I am struggling to pick books I've enjoyed the most, except for Dorothy Dunnett's Niccolo series and "The Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe", but if I was forced I would pick the Jonathan Cabal the Necromancer series, Ben Aaronovitch's, Gladys Mitchell's and Colin Cotterill's books.

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Finally went to the doctor's today. Finally here is my own failing. XD Last Sunday I woke up and realised that when I put weight on my left hand it goes OUCH. At first I thought it was a sprain, but the pain got worse so today I called up my insurance company and they arranged a doctor's appointment within two hours. Turns out I got tendonitis, which I kinda figured. The doctor was nice though slightly weirded out as to how the hell did I even get tendonitis. XD Anyways, I am to take antiinflammtories till Friday and if not much better I might have to do a little physio. I actually met their physiotherapist today briefly (the GP took me to his office so that he could bandage my hand for me) and for some weird reason I thought him incredibly adorable. :3 :3 :3 Now though, because of the bandage being so stiff, I can't actually do a lot of things, so poor husband will have to cook his own dinner. Ho. Ho. Ho.

In other news:

- Christmas shopping. Barely started, planning to hit Manchester city centre on Wednesday. :D
- Husband's work Christmas do on Saturday. *sigh* Our Saturday idea of fun is pigging out in restaurant and book shopping. >.<
- FINALLY got an idea for perfect_duet advent thing. Hope it pans out. O_O
- The Ladykillers play was amazing!!!
- Lion in Winter - decent. Lovely Robert Lindsay and Joanna Lumley. Also - good for slashers. XD
- Mainlined "Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister". Adorbs. :3 :3

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Married life is ... married. We are getting accustomed to living with each other properly (judging by the fact that Andy's recognises the manic smile I get after I've been indulging in quality slash, we are succeeding. XD )

Despite my unemployed status, life's quite busy what with trying to sort my documents and generally travelling all over the place. Was in London on 18/19th and besides seeing the lawyer enjoyed a stroll through Foyle's and saw the Mousetrap (which was absolutely awesome!) The weekend after 20th/21th, Andy and I went to a swording do, where I sparred with an Irishman twice my size and Andy won a tournament. :D Though the poor baby got so bruised and battered afterwards he ran a fever for three days and lived on my chicken soup because it was the only thing he could eat without feeling sick. He is all better now though and we just came back from a shooting weekend where I tried shooting a rifle for the first time! I nicked the bullseye and got a shot in 9 and 8 each. From a 100 yards! Husband's currently very impressed and happy.XD

We are going to start looking for a house to rent this week. Hopefully something decent turns up soon, cause we need it urgently. D:

On a fannish note. Utterly in love with Lewis and absolutely can't wait for the new season. Also mainlining Midsomer Murders, because apparently I am sad. >.>

Book List

52. “Mystery of the Butcher's Shop”, Gladys Mitchell
53. “Snobbery with Violence”, MC Beaton
54. “Tropical Issue”, Dorothy Dunnett
55. “Not Quite Dead Enough”, Rex Stout
56. “Great Deliverance”, Elizabeth George
57. “Tragedy at Law”, Cyril Hare
58. “Last Bus to Woodstock”, Colin Dexter
59. “Payment in Blood”, Elizabeth George
60. “Unkindness of Ravens”, Ruth Rendell
61. “The Glimpses of the Moon”, Edmund Crispin
62. "Kimono for a Corpse", James Melville

Book List

Jul. 9th, 2011 01:26 pm
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33.  “Hominids” Robert J Sawyer
34.  “Julian”, Gore Vidal
35. “Spring of the Ram”, Dorothy Dunnett
36. “Master and Commander”, Patrick O'Brian
37. “Verdict of you all”, Henry Wader
38.“Flashforward”, Robert J Sawyer
39. “Cabinet of Curiosities”, Preston and Child
40. “Codex” Douglas Preston
41. “Race of Scorpions”, Dorothy Dunnett
42. “Fry Chronicles”, Stephen Fry
43. “How hard can it be?” Jeremy Clarkson
44. “Down Under”, Bill Bryson
45. “Element of Blood”, G. Zotov
46. “Neither here nor there”, Bill Bryson
47. “Fire from Heaven”, Mary Renault
48. “Long Divorce”, Edmund Crispin
49. “Cast a Cold Eye”, Marjorie Eccles
50. “Death of a Good Woman,” Marjorie Eccles
51. “Requiem for a Dove”, Marjorie Eccles

Book List

May. 19th, 2011 04:40 pm
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22. "Reliquary", D. Preston and L. Child
23. “Suspect”, L.R. Wright
24. “Shadow Prey”, John Sandford 
25. ”Love Lies Bleeding”, Edmund Crispin
26. “Ice Limit”, D. Preston and L. Child
27. “Heads You Lose”, Christiana Brand
28. “The Night the Gods Smiled”, Eric Wright
29. “Blindsighted”, Karin Slaughter
30. “Red Dragon”, Thomas Harris
31. “Niccolo Rising” Dorothy Dunnett
32. "Fragment", Warren Fahy

Two things: 

Technothrillers are awesome entertainment and I want moooore! I am actually considering re-reading Michael Crichton's books.

I want to make love to "Niccolo Rising". Seriously.
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Organising a wedding is an insane hassle. >.< Surprisingly enough choosing the reception venue and the church was easy enough as well getting settled on date (17th July, provided we pay the deposit for the venue and get a common lisence for me to be wedden in church). But it's the smaller things that are starting to explode my brain: do we travel in a vintage car or a carriage, what will the ushers wear, colour-coding the groom's party with the bridesmaids, flowers, photographer, choosing hymns, language of the vows, music for the first dance....

Kill. Me. Now.

Book List

12. "Tourist Season", Carl Hiassen
13. "A Case of Need", Michael Crichton
14. "Practical Demonkeeping", Christopher Moore
15. "Leave it to Psmith", P.G. Wodehouse
16. "Frequent Hearses", Edmund Crispin
17. "The Eyre Affair", Jasper Fforde
18. "Big Over Easy", Jasper Fforde
19. "Past Reason Hated", Peter Robinson
20. "Disco for the Departed", Colin Cotterill
21. "Sir Apropos of Nothing", Peter David

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8. “Gardens of the Moon”, Steven Erickson
9. “Thirty-three teeth”, Colin Cotteril
10. “Boffinology”, Justin Pollard
11. “The Warrior's Apprentice”, Lois McMaster Bujold

Have not been to read much, brain just unable to concentrate for prolonged periods of time. Have been watching lots of series though. The West Wing continues to be awesome, I have also discovered Studio 60 on Sunset Strip. God, such a pity it only has one season, I am up to episode 7 and it's sooo much fun. XD My dad's hooked on the Big Bang Theory and keeps quoting it. it's a bit disturbing.

More fun at swords training. Scene: Me (M) poking through the sword instrustor's bag, said instructor (I), trying to pack it:

M: Why do you have so much twine?
I: I'm into really small bondage.
M: o_o
I: *thoughtfully* fleas...
M: =__=;;

Me and the same Instructor:

M: Did you know that your brain is a non-Newtonian liquid?
I: Huh?
M: Well, you suffer from a severe case of sperm brain and sperm is a non-Newtonian liquid, therefore....
I: O_O;;

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Apparently I'm in a sci-fi & fantasy period. Huh.

Today is the second day I'm having to pretty much spend sitting at home, since bloody delivery companies are not delivering stuff on time. My poor mom was quite disappointed since she ordered some flowers for me to come on Monday and they only came yesterday afternoon. My fiance's facing the same problem, I'm hoping flowers from him arrive today, cause while I can afford staying at home today, tomorrow I have lectures (and we'll be starting Marketing, which I am excited about XD )

Last weekend (29/30) I was in London, saw quite a few of my friends from uni and stayed with two who I went to school with. On Sunday my pumpkin came down for the day, so we could go out to my pre-birthday lunch with my friends ( I counted 4 lawyers at the table, aaargh XD ), then we went to China town for bubble tea (love!) and raided Foyle's. :D

One my of school friends I stayed with is the furthest from being a geek as is humanly possible has been initiated into World of Warcraft a month ago. She is now only 20 levels behind my main character and I've been playing for a while. XD She gave me the new WoW add-on and a beginner's textbook for learning Mandarin: I think she's tired of me only knowing several words and phrases in Chinese (though I think knowing how to say "help me!" and "sexual harassment" is very important ;D) and wants me to learn some everyday phrases, possibly since I'm hoping to go with her to China next year and her parents don't speak any English. :)

Gonna make cheesecake today, maybe a friend will come over to eat it. Looking forward to Friday: booked a table at my fav French place for a b-day dinner. :D Until then it's lectures and watching "The West Wing" (which is completely awesome) and the first two seasons of X-Files (they are too XD ).  And playing with my yellow rubber duck.
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The last books of 2010:

131. “Mallory's Oracle”
132. “Black Sunday” Thomas Harris
133. “One False Move”, Harlan Coben
134. “Hanging Valley”, Peter Robinson
135. “Thirteenth editorial”, Olga Lukas (Russian)

I think I've done quite well, this year's total beats the previous one by 13 books. :DDD Out of the books I've read this year I'd like to highlight a few that I enjoyed the most:

4. "Pursuit of Glory: Europe 1648 - 1815", Tim Blanning.
74. "Alex's adventures in numberland", Alex Bellos. A book about math, extremely well written and entertaining and math is awesome! :D
76. "Lamb", Christopher Moore. Hilarious most of the time but also bittersweet and somewhat sad at several points in the book, but freaking amazing throughout.
112.“Doctor Dogbody’s leg”, James N. Hall  Age of sail tall stories style. Funny and unputdownable.

There were quite a few other books I thoroughly enjoyed but I can't really highlight anything by Ngaio Marsh, Reginald Hill, Ruth Rendell, Alexander Kent or Bill Bryson, since I can't really choose which ones I liked the most.

Book List

Dec. 13th, 2010 10:56 am
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115. “Lady of Sorrows”, Anne Zouroudi
116.“Graveyard book”, Neil Gaiman
117.“The Last Templar”, Michael Jecks
118.“The moving toyshop”, Edmund Crispin
119. “Holy Disorders”, Edmund Crispin
120. “Swan Song”, Edmund Crispin
121. “Short History of Nearly Everything”, Bill Bryson
122. "Sleeping life”, Ruth Rendell
123“Means of Evil”, Ruth Rendell
124. “Buried for Pleasure”, Edmund Crispin
125. “Put on by cunning”, Ruth Rendell
126. “Amulet of Samarkand”, Jonathan Stroud
127. “Drop Shot”, Harlan Coben
128. "Scaredycat”, Mark Billigham
129. “Fade Away”, Harlan Coben
130. “Back Spin”, Harlan Coben
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I am 8 books away from last year's total. :D

89.“Made in America”, Bill Bryson
90.“Notes from a small island”, Bill Bryson
91.“A drink before the war”, David Lehane
92.“And another thing”, Jeremy Clarkson
93.“Rules of Prey”, John Sandford
94.“The Coroner's Lunch”, Colin Cotterill.
95.“Notes from a big country”, Bill Bryson
96.“The marriage bureau for rich people,” Farahad Zama
97.“Gallows's view”, Peter Robinson
98.“A dedicated man”, Peter Robinson
99.“In Gallant Company”, Alexander Kent
100.“Sloop of War,” Alexander Kent
101.“To Glory we Steer”, Alexander Kent
102.“Command a King's Ship”, Alexander Kent
103.“Ramage”, Dudley Pope
104.“God Delusion”, Richard Dawkins
105.“At Home”, Bill Bryson
106.“A necessary end”, Peter Robinson
107.“Lascivious bodies”, Julie Peakman
108.“Some lie and some die”, Ruth Rendell
109.“Utterly impartial history of England” , John O'Farrell
110.“The Attenbury Emeralds”, Jill Paton Walsh
111.“Murder being once done”, Ruth Rendell
112.“Doctor Dogbody’s leg”, James N. Hall
113.“Foundation”, Isaac Asimov
114.“A Game of Thrones”, George R.R. Martin

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73. "Sepulchre", Kate Moss
74. "Alex's adventures in numberland", Alex Bellos
75. "The Stupidest Angel", Christopher Moore
76. "Lamb", Christopher Moore
77. "Homeland", R. Salvatore
78. "Guards! Guards!" Terry Pratchett (re-read)
79. "Shutter Island", David Lehane
80. "The Looking Glass War", John le Carre
81. "Slaughterhouse Five", Kurt Vonnegut
82. "No more dying then," Ruth Rendell
83. "King of Torts", John Grisham
84. "Tickling the English," Dara O'Briain
85. "Stephen Fry in America", Stephen Fry
86. "Stiff: the curious lives of human cadavers", Mary Roach
87. "Bonk: the curious coupling of science and sex", Mary Roach
88. "The world according to Clarkson," Jeremy Clarkson


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