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Birthdate:Jan 31
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I am a Russian living in England. Most of my time I spend on procrastinating, reading, swordfighting, horse riding and writing fic.

My main interests are history (esp. Napoleonic era), crime fiction and archaeology.

In this journal you'll find my life ramblings, fic of a not very good quality and various things I just had to share.

Interests (150):

1812, 1920s, 1930s, adam dalgliesh, agatha christie, alan rickman, albert campion, aleksey tolstoy, alexander kent, allan quatermain, anime, anthony berkeley, archaeology, art deco, art nouveau, arthur conan doyle, aubreyad, beethoven, blackadder, bolitho, bones, books, boston legal, bronte, captain nemo, carl orff, classical music, cooking, criminal minds, crusades, csi, cynicism, data, detective fiction, discworld, dorothy dunnett, dorothy l. sayers, douglas adams, el greco, elizabeth gaskell, ellery queen, emma peel, erast fandorin, firefly, food, fra angelico, fyodor dostoevsky, georges simenon, georgette heyer, han solo, harrison ford, harry dresden, historical fiction, history, holmes, hornblower, horse riding, house md, hugh laurie, jack aubrey, jack davenport, jeeves and wooster, jim butcher, johnny depp, jules verne, kathy reichs, league of extraordinary gentlemen, leningrad, leo tolstoy, linguistics, literature, lucifer box, lymond, lymond chronicles, man from u.n.c.l.e, manga, margery allingham, mark gatiss, maurice ravel, mcshep, mfu, michael crichton, mikhail bulgakov, miss marple, murder mysteries, napoleonic wars, nasreddin, ncis, nero wolfe, neverwinter nights, ngaio marsh, norrington, numb3rs, oscar wilde, p.d. james, p.g. wodehouse, patricia cornwell, patrick o'brian, peninsular wars, peter hoeg, peter the great, philo vance, pirates, pirates of the carribean, poirot, potc, qi, queer as folk, rafael sabatini, raffles, reading, regency, reginald hill, renaissance, rex stout, robert asprin, robin hobb, roderick alleyn, romanovs, russell crowe, sam neill, sam vimes, scarlet pimpernel, sergey lukyanenko, sharpe, silk road, slash, smoking, spices, spock, star trek, stargate, stephen fry, stephen maturin, strauss, swords, tchaikovsky, terry pratchett, the avengers, tofog, travelling, verdi, vetinari, vivaldi, wellington, wilkie collins, world of warcraft, yasunari kawabata, yukio mishima, zorro
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