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Favourite books of the year are in bold.

1. Imagine my surprise: unpublished letters to the Daily Telegraph, ed. by Iain Hollingshead
2. Wicked Autumn, G.M. Malliet
3. Peas and Queues, Sandi Toksvig
4. Death on the Marais, Adrian Magson
5. One by One, Chris Carter
6. Am I Missing Something: unpublished letters to the Daily Telegraph, ed. by Iain Hollingshead
7. Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No Bullshit Guide to World Mythology, Cory O'Brien
8. Country of the Blind, Christopher Brookmyre
9. Not the End of the World, Christopher Brookmyre
10. The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches, Alan Bradley
11. One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night, Christopher Brookmyre
12. Boiling a Frog, Christopher Brookmyre
13. A Bad Boy Did it and Ran Away, Christopher Brookmyre
14. The Sacred Art of Stealing, Christopher Brookmyre
15. Be My Enemy, Christopher Brookmyre
16. The Oath of Limbo, Jean-Christophe Grange
17. All Fun and Games Until Somebody Looses an Eye, Christopher Brookmyre
18. Alphabetical: How Every Letter Tells a Story, Michael Rosen
19. The Diary of A Provincial Lady, E.M. Delafield
20. The Lolita Man, Bill James
21. Anarchy and Old Dogs, Colin Cotterill
22. Missing Joseph, Elizabeth George
23. Curse of the Pogo Stick, Colin Cotterill
24. Death in the Stocks, Georgette Heyer
25. Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality, Jacob Tomsky
26. Envious Casca, Georgette Heyer
27. Bryant & May: the Bleeding Heart, Christopher Fowler
28. The Twenty Third Man, Gladys Mitchell
29. A Blunt Instrument, Georgette Heyer
30. Duplicate Death, Georgette Heyer
31. Killed At The Whim Of A Hat, Colin Cotterill
32. Playing For The Ashes, Elizabeth George
33. In the Presence of the Enemy, Elizabeth George
34. Coyote Blue, Christopher Moore
35. Think Like A Freak, Steven Levitt, Stephen Dubner
36. Away Game, Alexandra Marinina
37. Watching the English, Kate Fox
38. The Silkworm, Robert Galbraith
39. The Fool, Christopher Moore
40. Garlic and Sapphires, Ruth Reichl
41. Three Men in a Boat, Jerome K. Jerome
42. It Must Have Been Something I Ate, Jeffrey Steingarten
43. The Man Who Ate Everything, Jeffrey Steingarten
44. Restaurant Babylon, Imogen Edwards - Jones
45. Viscount who loved me, Julia Quinn
46. An Offer from a Gentleman, Julia Quinn
47. Hospital Babylon, Imogen Edwards-Jones
48. Air Babylon, Imogen Edwards-Jones
49. Wedding Babylon, Imogen Edwards-Jones
50. Hotel Babylon, Imogen Edwards-Jones
51. Fashion Babylon, Imogen Edwards-Jones
52. Shambling Guide to New York City, Mur Lafferty
53. Beach Babylon, Imogen Edwards-Jones
54. Pietr the Latvian, George Simenon
55. Wingmen, Ensan Case
56. Stranger on the Shore, Josh Lanyon  
57. Snowball in Hell, Josh Lanyon
58. Bear, Otter and the Kid, T.J. Klune
59. All Creatures Great and Small, James Herriot
60. All Things Bright and Beautiful, James Herriot
61. All Things Wise and Wonderful, James Herriot

62. They Found Him Dead, Georgette Heyer
63. At Bertram's Hotel, Agatha Christie
64. Miss Marple And Other Stories Omnibus, Agatha Christie
65. Every Living Thing, James Herriot
66. The Provincial Lady Goes Further, E.M. Delafield
67. The Lord God Made Them All, James Herriot
68. An Evil Mind, Chris Carter
69. Eccentric Oxford, Benedict le Vay
70. Outsorcerer's Apprentice, Tom Holt
71. The Things That Nobody Knows, William Hartston
72. Adventures in Stationery, James Ward
73. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages, Tom Holt
74. What If: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, Randall Munroe
75. Shapely Ankle Preferred:
A History of the Lonely Hearts Advertisement, Francesca Beauman
76. I think I can see where you're going wrong, Marc Burrows
77. Veni, Vidi, Vici: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Romans But Were Afraid to Ask, Peter Jones
78. Eureka: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Greeks But Were Afraid to Ask, Peter Jones
79. Emma, Alexander McCall Smith
80. Devil's Novice, Ellis Peters
81. Dead Man's Ransom, Ellis Peters
82. The Leper's Return, Michael Jecks
83. Sunday Philosophy Club, Alexander McCall Smith
84. Friends, Lovers, Chocolate, Alexander McCall Smith
85. Right Attitude to Rain, Alexander McCall Smith
86. Absolution by Murder, Peter Tremayne
87. Pilgrim of Hate, Ellis Peters
88. A Question of Proof, Nicholas Blake
89. Thou Shell of Death, Nicholas Blake
90. There's Trouble Brewing, Nicholas Blake
91. The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion
92. Dear Committee Members, Julie Schumacher
93. Death of an Addict, M.C. Beaton
94. Killing Floor, Lee Child
95. Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death, M.C. Beaton
96. Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet, M.C. Beaton
97. Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener, M.C. Beaton
98. Where Do Camels Belong? The Story and Science of Invasive Species, Ken Thompson
99. 1066 and All That, W.C. Sellar & R.J. Yeatman
100. Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley, M.C Beaton
101. Anything that Moves: Renegade Chefs, Fearless Eaters, and the Making of a N
ew American Food Culture, Dana Goodyear


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