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1. "It's not rocket science", Ben Miller
2. "The Somnambulist", Jonathan Barnes
3. "Monster", A. Lee Martinez
4. "Chronicles of a Curate", Fred Secombe
5. "Housekeeping Stories", Julia Vasilieva
6. "A girl for a hero or how I worked as a matchmaker", Elena Zvezdnaya
7. "Murdering Ministers," Alan Beechey
8. "Dr Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation", Olivia Judson
9. "Sleep to Me", Olga Lukas
10. "Speaking from among the bones," Alan Bradley
11. "Points and Lines," Seicho Matsumoto
12. "Case for Three Detectives", Leo Bruce
13. "Cosmoecologists," Olga Gromyko
14. "What did you want from a witch?" Elena Nikitina
15. "Chronicles of a Vicar," Fred Secombe
16. "Invisible ink," Christopher Fowler
17. "Thus was Adonis murdered", Sarah Caudwell
"Surely you are joking Mr Feynman" , Richard Feynman
19. "Final detail," Harlan Coben
20.  "Stalking the angel" Robert Crais
21. "Lullaby town," Robert Crais
22. "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter," Seth Grahame-Smith
23.  "God's Doodle: The Life and Times of the Penis," Thomas Hickman
24.  "I'm not a serial killer," Dan Wells
25   "10 lb penalty," Dick Francis
26.  "Spetsnaz: Th Inside Story of the Soviet Special Forces," Viktor Suvorov
27. "The Executioner," Chris Carter
28. "Hasty Death," MC Beaton
29. "Sick of Shadows," MC Beaton
30. "Our lady of pain." MC Beaton

31.  "Weird things customers say in bookshops," Jen Campbell
32.  "Night Stalker," Chris Carter
33. "Death Sculptor," Chris Carter
34.  "Appaloosa" Robert B Parker
35. " Resolution" Rpbert B. Parker
36.  "Brimstone" Robert B. Parker
37. "The English: A Field Guide," Matt Rudd
38.  "Britty Britty Bang Bang," Hugh Dennis

39.  "Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal," Mary Roach
40.  "Parting Shots," Mattew Parris
41.  "Spanish Ambassador's Suitcase" Mattew Parris
42.  "Cuckoo's Calling" Robert Galbraith
43.  "Broken Homes" Ban Aaranovitch
44.  "Forty years of murder" Keith Simpson
45.  "Frost at Christmas" R.D. Wingfield
46. "The Season" Sophie Campbell
47. "Pursuit of Love", Nancy Mitford
48. "Love in a cold climate" Nancy Mitford
49. "Don't tell Alfred" Nancy Mitford
50. "Summer things" Joseph Connelly
51. "Liquor" Poppy Z Brite
52. "Rogue's Gallery" Peter Lewis
53. "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" Douglas Adams
54. "The possessed: adventures with Russian books and the people who read them"  Elif Batuman
55. "Howard's end is on the landing" Susan Hill
56. "The Olympiad" Tom Holt
57. "Cousin Kate" Georgette Heyer
58. "Venetia" Georgette Heyer
59. "Bath Tangle" Georgette Heyer
60. "Persuasion" Jane Austen
61. "Tales of the country," Brian Viner
62. "My family and other animals" Gerald Durrell
63. "Is it too much to ask?" Jeremy Clarkson
64. "Pheasants revolt," Brian Viner
65. "A very British murder,"  Lucy Worsley
66. "Birds, Beasts and Relatives," Gerald Durrell
67.  "Countryman's Lot," Max Hardcastle
68. "Eagle's Prophecy," Simon Scarrow
69. "Quite ugly one morning," Christopher Brookmyre
70. "Russian Word's Worth" Michele A. Berdy
71. "Mozart," A. Belyanin
72. "Good Omens,' T. Pratchett & N. Gaiman
73. "Cold Dish," Craig Johnson
74.  "A 100 Novellas About History," S. Sakharnov
75. "Outpost. Borderlands" S. Lukyanenko
76. "Death without company," Craig Johnson
77. "Behind the Net: 101 Incredible Hockey Stories" Stan Fischler
78. "Elements of Eloquence," Mark Forsyth
79. "King of Russia: A Year in the Russian Superleague" Dave King
80. "Poirot and me," David Suchet
81. "Bullet in the Ballet
" Caryl Brahms & S.J Simon
82. "More weird things customers say in bookshops," Jen Campbell

83. "What Matters in Jane Austen?" John Mullan
84. "How to Shoot an Amateur Naturalist" Gerald Durrell
85. "A Touch of Frost" R.D. Wingfield
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